The Words of the Sutchar Family

Youth Education Seminar

Bruce Sutchar
February 16, 2004

Schedule for Saturday 28th Youth Ministry Seminar:

We will have 2 sessions: 9am 12:00/ then lunch from 12:00-2:00 Session 2 from 2:00-5:00.

Registration fee will be $20.00 which includes lunch.

Presentation #1: "What is education" - an overview concerning Father's teaching on second generation education

Group Discussion - Q & A application of what was just presented

Presentation #2: "Developing a purpose driven educational plan" - excerpts on purpose driven ministry with a focus on both children's and youth ministry.

Lunch Discussion - Q & A on how we have used a purpose driven approach in NJ and/or any topic of interest to the participants.

Afternoon Session:

Presentation #3: Children's Ministry & Sunday School: Working with the National Sunday School Curriculum, Using education themes, Using Active Learning, Involving elder BC's in the classroom, lesson planning..... these are each topics that need an entire presentation, but I will cover a little on each because they are all important and need to be discussed.... Unless your teachers ask for a special focus on one particular area.

Presentation #4: Youth Ministry & Sunday School: Understanding the spiritual and developmental needs of teens and exploring purpose driven s for programming for teens. We will discuss what we are doing in NJ and Westchester and where we are going in the future and why.....

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