The Words of the Sutchar Family

Chicago Luncheon Seminar

Bruce Sutchar
April 10, 2003
Chicago, IL

There is a Hebrew prayer which states basically, that if one follows the word of God, they will be blessed, however, if one fails to follow the word of God.................... I remember one day, several years ago, while attending High Holy Day Services with my parents at their synagogue* and being struck by the beauty and magnificence of the prayers in the Holy Prayer Book and wondering to myself in awe, how wonderful the world would be, if the people reading these prayers would only live the words within. ** And likewise for those reciting the words in their New Testament Bibles or their Holy Korans or their Divine Principles.

Dr. Durst used to preach (I am sure that he still does) that its one thing to experience God on the top of the mountain. However, it is quite another thing to come down off the mountain and practice what you have been inspired to do? Its quite a bit more challenging. Suffice all this Jewish prologue to say that for over 2 years now! , under Bishop Ki Hoon Kim's guidance, we have followed Father's direction and held a monthly prayer breakfast in Chicago. We move from Church to Church (synagogue/mosque) with a different minister (rabbi/imam) hosting the monthly event. And the meeting seems to gain more and more power month after month.

We could really experience the value of this in January of this year when, after an initial direction to hold a prayer rally in every city, the direction was rescinded because all of our leadership had migrated to Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center for the 40 then 50 day workshop. However, our January Monthly Prayer Breakfast was already happening and so Archbishop Stallings flew into Chicago and all heaven broke loose as we brought in the year 2003 complete with the Holy Spirit in full regalia. So even though we received an official direction to hold a one day follow-up convocation to our powerful March Divine Principle Seminar in Chicago, we were already in full swing to hold our monthly prayer breakfast. Our only re-direction, was that we decided to hold spring's first meeting in a banquet hall rather than at a local church.

What also made this convocation special was that we would also be celebrating Bishop Ki Hoon Kim's 30th anniversary in the ministry as well as following up on our Divine Principle Seminar. Another special blessing was that Chicago's native son, Rev. Michael Jenkins would be flying in to offer the keynote address (the new Divine Principle Overview PowerPoint Slide Show.

As Rev. Jenkins and arrived right on time at 11:00 AM at the Harambee House Banquet Center, the room holding over 30 tables of 10 each was already packed out (I literally, could not find a seat). The head table was filled with Chicago's whos who includsing, ALC National Co-Convenor Pastor T.L. Barrett (prepared to give the keynote address), Chicago ACLC Chairman Dr. A. Harold (always on time) White, Milwaukee's Bishop Witherspoon, Civil Rights Icon, Shepherd A. I. Dunlap (who would give such a moving tribute to our True Parents), Nation of Islam Leader Brother Thomas Muhammad (who gave such a beautiful prayer for Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Unity with our one God, Christ, Yawheh, Jehovah, and Allah), Chicago's own (but probably not for long?she is, as I write, on her way up to Alaska to bring unity amidst the glaciers, Pastor Bennie Owens, who is preparing for a major blessing in her home church later this month, and finally the Pastor of New St. Ma! ry's Church of God in Christ, Harrison Bolton (if you need a powerful keynote speaker, invite Pastor Bolton --who has been faithfully taken care of by our 1800 blessed couple Hiroshi and Mariko Hosokawa for so many years now), who would later conduct the offering and raise thousands of dollars to honor Bishop Kim's 30th pastoral anniversary.

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