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My Holy Wine Ceremony (From Aug 31 to Sept 4 2003)

Kumar Sunil
September 6, 2003

Posting your experience on the Internet
September 7, 2003

Dear brother Gary,

It is Ok for me to post it on But I want to make it sure no one should use it any way to point the finger to the Japanese Church leader as failure to understand me from the first meeting.

I feel it was my responsibility to let the leader to know my situation much before of this ceremony.

More over I need to make some spelling check and grammar corrections I am sending to you the spell checked one with my next mail.

Thank you and in True Parents love
Kumar Sunil

My Holy Wine Ceremony (From Aug 31 to Sept 4 2003)
September 6, 2003

Many of you may have known that I could not receive the holy wine on Aug 31, (from my posting here)

Let me share here what happened to my family from Aug 31 to Sept 4, 2003.

On Aug 31, indeed I did not fulfill the financial condition set by the mother nation Japan.

And I did not explain my entire and the real financial situation to the local church leader before the ceremony.

The next day (Sep 1st) the church leader for more talks called me. I have explained simply that I do not have money to make the said donation. But he gives me 3 days time to think and find a way to make the money. He even suggested some ways to get money.

As he said I did every thing including buying the lottery ticket.

The end of the third day I called him and said that I could not find the said money. Anyhow he called me to talk situation in detail.

I went to him and started to talk all about me and in general the real situation of foreigners living in Japan.

I realized that he has not much idea of foreigners living in Japan as our church members. He wanted to know why I am in Japan.

I want to share this with all my good friends the conversation, which I had with the church leader, hope this may be helpful to any one struggling to survive in Japan or working with Japanese church.

(Church leader) Tell me why are you here in Japan instead of your native country India?

I have no place other place to live on this earth. As my own to set even my two feet I do not have a place. I am from a poor country, which has over 1.2 billion people, and 30% are living below poverty line (eat only one meal a day). And over 40% are unemployed. Those who get a job in India means only the best in education or those reserved to particular minorities. Unfortunately I am not belonging to either group.

I was a missionary of a Hindu religious group. I left my home at the age of 13 and I was living in Korea as a Hindu missionary and when I joined the church I was 31. In order to join the church I had to leave that organization and all what I had as my personal property, only few under dress and the orange dress as my religious dress (a 12 feet long gown) and a pair of shoes.

Since I had nothing I had to depend on my wife (Japanese) to even for my daily needs. If I take my Japanese wife to India where I have to beg for my daily foods it will be impossible for me to feed her and to make a family where I have nothing as my own. My parents and brothers are also poor people.

This made me to come to Japan where at least one of us can work and feed ourself.

If I or my wife had any way to make three meals a day for my family in India we would not have been here in this country today

(Church leader)

Since you are in Japan and work you can make average 20 to 25man a month and with bonus approximately over 300 man you make a year? That is a very good amount is in`t it?

The real job situation of person like me, coming from a third world country with limited Japanese language ability is completely different from normal Japanese. In fact we kind of people are not welcomed by Japanese companies. The job people like me can get is only production or construction or real physical jobs which does not need much Japanese writing. Among the Japanese companies there are only few (2% or less are ready to accept foreigners to their production section). This 2% was of 7 years ago. Now there are many unemployed Japanese and companies prefer Japanese more than foreigners who does not speak and write the language.

Now what is left for us is part time, (arbiet) or limited time jobs given by the Hakken (Temporary employing companies or job mafias). As you know the companies those who accept foreigners are few. In a Hakken company we are asked to work with different companies with hourly pay. There is no bonus or even not annual paid leave. Once the company thinks cut the production and no need of us they just say to stop the job and go home. The treat us like a commodity not as human being. For the next job we need to wait months or look for another Hakken company. In order for a family who has two or three children this small salary just enough to pay that monthly expenses. This too we should have enough luck to get it. As you know once our wife is pregnant or having children to take care she will not be to work even a part time.

More over the Japanese companies prefer employ woman with out children, to make sure that they will not take holidays in the name of children!!

But there are some foreigners working permanently like the Japanese in some companies, that opportunity was only those who came to Japan before or at the bubble time of Japan (early 90`s) but now those kind of chances are no more for foreigners like me.

And the more I become old I get out of the job list. As you know above 35 years old means very few job in Japan even for Japanese. Now think of the job chances for a foreigner like me of 40 years old.

Currently I have two kids and there is no one to take care them so I am taking care them with out even doing a job. Actually I want to have more children but our financial situation stop us from having more children and this is the truth of our family.

(Church leader)

Since you speak English why donft you teach English. There is lots of vacancy and good salary for those jobs?

That is true.English teachers have lots of jobs and the pay is very good even some times it is double of a normal Japanese HPT worker. But In Japan English teacher should be native English speaker and I am not.

If I had any way to get a job in Japan based on my native language I would have never been sitting in front of you to discuss about donation in this evening.

More over since we are from Asian countries (poor countries) the general Japanese look on us foreigners is different from the way they look at American or rich European nationals. This too draws bump for our job hunting.

I think even the church leaders misunderstand about foreignerfs couples. We are in general foreigners but we are from 191 countries and each person is different in all aspects. Please do not judge us as a single group as Japanese Television do. Please find out our difference by talking each one of us.

(Church leader)

I know some foreigners living with wifefs parents in their house and inherit their land and property. How about you?

My wife or I have never inherited anything and we are living in a rented house ever since we arrived in Japan. Those who have wife`s parents house and property in Japan are very few-got special blessing from God. But not every one only the lucky one.

(Church Leader)

So now you are saying that you have no money and can not make money in Japan?

Yes. Now we are just surviving with the salary of my wife. More over I need to send monthly money to my parents in India for them to live. Often my other family members also ask money for emergency medical treatments and other deadly occasions or reasons. Look like all of them are looking at me for help. I want them to be blessed and follow True Parents but I worry if I do not send money to buy food then they will not be alive here on earth to receive any holy wine or blessing.

Living in poor country is totally different from living in a developed country. Even you may not be able to think of our survival, we as poor people in a poor country.

Q) So you mean you are not able to make any donation?

No, I will make a donation, whatever I can. I know that is not enough at all to the Godfs blessing. And I know the great responsibility of Japan.

I know why True Father made this country as mother nation. According to my understanding Father picked up Japan based on the loving Nature of Japanese Woman, which is rare in this world, may by only in Asia. Secondly Japan as a developed country (second to USA) can support financially.

Again I want to emphasis that I understand the responsibility of Japan to the world. I really respect and appreciate the Japanese members for their sacrifice to the whole world.

I even thought of this way if True Parents decide switch the mothers responsibility from Japan to other nation? Eg: From now the Abel and Cain nations feed the world! Or the eldor son take over from the mother!!.Since mother is too weak to carry the burden any more.

Can you imagine what kind of civil war will take place in those countires!!!!!!!.

Thinking of it I always has respect to all Japanese members feeding the world without a civil war in Japan for the past 40 years.

Personally If you can give me job, which I can do after my duties with my children, I will make all the salary of it to pay as my offering to receive this Holy wine.

(Church Leader)

Now I understand your situation. I feel sorry to you for not giving you the Holy wine on Aug 31. After hearing from you I want to give you some money also for your family. I know you already donated yen 10000 on Sunday. But this is my present for you.

Then he took yen 30000 and gave to me. I was almost going to cry. I feel very sorry for misunderstanding the Japanese Church and their leaders.

I offered all the money I received to True Parents and received Holy wine from True Parents representative.

I want to apologize to all for my previous postings on this list about Japanese Church leaders.

I am sure any foreign man living in Japan like me must go and talk to your local church leader with your family. Report all you real situation, if you have any money to make the donation. Explain these points clearly.

Be honest I am sure God will help you.

1) You do not have any money.

2) You cannot make more money in Japan.

I am sure you will be welcomed and taken cared by them. Lets make a good relation with the local Church leader you will never face any problem to be active in the Japanese Church as other Japanese church members. Lets become one family in Japan under the Japanese church to support True Parents given mission to this country.

Lets think what we can do to this country than what

In True Parents love
Sunil Kumar
Tanaka Katsue
Imano Sunil
Juila Sunil

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