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Report from Joyce Suda: Our Peace Ambassador In Korea

Joyce Suda
June 27, 2004

There are around 28 of us Ambassadors of Peace here in Seoul. We have 7 embassies (offices), one for each of the 7 nations, in the HQ building. TP gave us the whole of this 13th floor solely for our use. It used to be TP's suite! We have also received 2 brand new minivans/12 seater peoples' carriers which is a great help.

Yesterday, Philip Withers and myself went to teach English at a High school, True Mother's school! TM graduated from this High school, and TF bought this school in 1985. It has 3000 students. Quite a number of the teachers are Early Blessed Members; one of them stayed with us during the session, later walked us to the train station, wanting to buy us many things on the way, and even treat us to a sauna, because she was very impressed with us! The school will pay 50,000 Won per session (weekly) to IIPC. So I'm happy I can contribute towards the cost of our activities here.

From the internet we found names and addresses of all the religious organisations in Seoul. We fax them invitations to our Prayer breakfast, which is a monthly event at a hotel. Then after a day or two we call them to check their response, and make an appointment to visit them, and talk about IIPC work, etc. In this way we find guests for the Prayer breakfast which is fast becoming a very good event. Hopefully, in next month's one Archbishop Stallings will preside! We've invited him. I heard TF is very keen for us to do these Prayer Breakfasts.

We have been going to Embassies to invite them to the WCSF 2004. Our idea is also to tell them about the countries that are participating in the Sports Festival there, so that if their own country should win they can give the prize to their own nation.

One of our Brothers witnessed to a Christian Minister in the subway. He has studied DP, and has become one of us, so much so that he has moved in with us! He witnesses and brings many guests. He sleeps little and prays a lot. He is always loving and respectful to us, calling us ambassadors and giving us lots of inspiration. This morning at the 5am HDH Service he announced that our victory will come sooner than we think. He is a great blessing from Heaven.

We have a big goal to bring Blessing candidates to next month's event, and we're trying every avenue possible. Last Sunday two of us visited an international Church for the Service, and later at the luncheon we met some people we could witness to. Others went also to different churches. One sister is teaching English to Buddhist Monks, who come to our Prayer Breakfasts. We also visit Universities and witness there.

I feel very honoured to work here with IIPC as Ambassador for Peace and I'm deeply grateful I can help in some way.

Joyce Suda

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