The Words of the Suda Family

Recollection Of Memories During Mobilization In Korea And Japan

Joyce Suda
February 15, 2004

In Korea our team arrived in Korea before True Parents so we were there to greet them when they arrived from New York. We waited in front of True Parents’ house at Hannam Dong, True Father said to us, "This is your house." True Parents gave us unprecedented love and care in Korea. True Father told us that it is God’s will we are here, that we 7 nations must be like twins, even that our children marry each other, and that our unity will also help Korea to unite.

On 20th October we attended a banquet "To the 84 Ambassadors of Peace" hosted by Mr. Chul Sung Lee, Congressman and also Chairman of the Seoul Peace Prize Foundation. In his speech he spoke about the limitations of the UN, saying he has spoken to Kofi Annan who confessed to him that due to religious wars, the UN cannot do much and hopes the NGOs can do more for World Peace! Mr. Lee spoke highly of Rev. Moon’s Peace UN which he said is very historical and needed at this time. We later had photos with him, a Sisterhood Ceremony and a wonderful banquet. The press was there as well.

Some other activities in Korea were: my team joined an Intercultural Exchange Parade in the streets of Suwon, and won 2nd prize. Later we met the Mayor who received us warmly, gave us gifts and wants to support our IIPC work. We had IIPC Report Rallies in Suwon, Incheon and other surrounding cities. We also visited political and civic leaders, principals of many high schools to ask for their support with our IIPC work through signing a statement of support.

On 1st November we went to Songnam for the Il Hwa soccer match. Our team won, three years in a row and received the trophy for the third time. Rev. Kwak appeared on the big screen, holding the victory trophy, then he was tossed up in the air three times by the soccer team. Champagne was freely splashed on each other but was not drunk, and the team bowed fully to the audience. Then there was a fireworks display to the tune of Queens "We are the Champions" We were so proud of True Parents’ soccer team.

Then True Parents took us to Che-ju Island which reminded me of Africa where I lived for some years. I was so happy to be there, living next to the sea, seeing our wonderful True Parents every day – how valuable to be with True Parents. This time will never be repeated in history. It was like living in the Kingdom of Heaven. The brother in charge of the training center explained how True Father came to Che-ju in the 1970’s to develop this island, building factories to help the people, plus other projects. Many people from this island have never left it, so True Father, in the 1980’s, gave tickets to many of them to visit the mainland. We were taken to fish on Chigi-do Island with True Father. On this island True Father has prayed very much for 30 years, taking time to pray there before announcing providential changes, despite any type of bad weather and at the risk of his life. One time there was a typhoon whilst True Father was fishing there, the brother told us, with waves four meters high, anytime the boat could have capsized but True Father kept going, undisturbed, even though members were scared stiff. True Father wanted to train them with a challenging spirit and courage. We too must cultivate his heart and overcome fear.

We 84 sang a Korean song, "Holo Arirang" to True Father on Chigi-do Island. He was so happy with our harmonious song that he commented, "After that, restoration is easy!" It was so wonderful to have a barbecue picnic with True Father on that island, singing songs and listening to testimonies. Finally True Father prayed deeply. He offered our 84, 7-nation Peace UN Team (microcosm) to God and prayed for us. We can take his spirit, power, blessing and hope to Japan and the world with strong determination as newly born again from Chigi-do seed. In the evening True Mother gave each of us gifts of clothes and True Father asked an elder brother to explain to us about "Moxa" treatment for healing.

On our last day on Che-ju Island, True Parents asked each of our 7 nations to sing three songs and dance. Then True Parents sang joyfully. Finally, True Father sang a Japanese song as we were leaving for Japan the next day, waving us off with "Sayonara". True Father tried so hard to love us and to make us happy. Sometimes True Father was very tired but he took time to spend with us, his children, and share many things – always educating, guiding, caring and loving us. I can never forget this precious heavenly time and I am so grateful to our beloved True Parents.

In Japan On our arrival in Japan we were warmly greeted with flags, garlands of flowers and hugs. Our hearts were so touched by the sacrificial spirit and hard work of our brothers and sisters from our Mother Nation. They loved and cared for us just as a mother does to the children she loves very much. They never stopped giving and giving us much love and care. I was choking with tears and emotion as many Japanese brothers and sisters welcomed us waving our 7 Nation flags, putting flower garlands around our necks and generally treating us like heroes. For days I cried, feeling their love so much. Also, when I prayed, I felt my Japanese husband’s ancestors were happy that I was here in Japan, helping to restore their nation – and that my tears were also their tears of love and joy.

Lastly, I want to mention one small testimony of how I met my spiritual son after 15 years. On the first Sunday in Japan, we were divided into many small groups to go to many of our UC Sunday services to testify to brothers and sisters. Our names were put on the board, then changed from one group to another for different reasons but finally I was on the group to go to Headquarters Church. And in that church, just one Sunday a month there happens to be an International Members’ Service and today was the day! If I hadn’t gone on stage, my spiritual son wouldn’t have seen me from the audience. Everything worked out according to God’s plan and will for us to reunite after 15 years. God works on many levels at the same time, for which I am very grateful and happy. Before coming to Japan, my deepest wish was to make True Parents happy by our two weeks visit here, and to help our Japanese UC. I believe that wish was fulfilled.

Finally I’d like to add that whenever an opportunity arises, or God calls us to do something, we need to pray and seize the moment. Then we can "flow with the current" and receive incredible good fortune and blessings, and our wishes can come true.

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