The Words of the Stewart Family

Who Wrote the Divine Principle?

David Stewart
January 7, 1999

I think that it reasonably well known that Sung Do Kim, the founder of the Holy Lord Church, out of which developed the Inside Belly Church, understood the Fall almost exactly as it is explained in the Divine Principle. (She also received revelation that the Messiah would be born in Korea.) You can read about her in Dae Mo nim's testimony in the book "Heart of True Mother" (I think). Her grandson is Rev. Su Won Chung, one of the 36 couples. His testimony is of her struggle to receive this understanding, which presumably came from her. Her movement spread all through Korea and thus Father could have come into contact with it as a teenager . . . .

However just because she understood does not mean that Father did not have to struggle to come to the same understanding. My assumption was that Father had come to understand most of the basic points of the Divine Principle prior to the end of World War II, and before he met Baek Moon Kim. Possibly the books were already published, but so was the Koran, which directly calls Lucifer, "Iblis", an archangel, but somehow I do not think that Father read the Koran. Given Father's mandate from Jesus I think his method was very empirical and any knowledge received from others had to be rigorously confirmed through his prayer and experience. In my own experience it is often more difficult to refine an idea or inspiration received from somebody else than to do it all myself.

Interestingly, on her death-bed Sung Do Kim gathered her family around her and said, according to Rev. Chung's personal testimony, that when they would hear of a church being accused of being the "church of fornication" that would be the church of the Lord of the Second Advent. When Rev, Chung's father read of the persecution at the time of the Eh Hwa university scandal he took his family to the Unification Church and they were shocked that Father was teaching just the same as granny and much much more. . .

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