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Absolute Love (BC Candidates) Update - Your Website Is Ready

Mike Stewart
November 14, 2006

Dear Families,

The password-protected candidates database has been migrated to We will leave the old one up on BCCandidates for another week or two to give people time to get set up on the new site, and then it will be taken down.

For all current users, who still have matching-age children and already have passwords to the site:

1. Email your full name and BCCandidates user-name to

We ask that families that no longer have matching-age children not to apply for a new password. This is in respect to the candidates' privacy, and for the security of the site. If you are in a official or semi-official "matchmaker" position (e.g. someone such as Mrs. Takahashi in the US or Tessa Thonett in England) this would constitute an exception. Otherwise, no kids for the matching, no password to view the candidates.

For all users who do not currently have a username and password: Please visit

Thank you for your patience... getting the site up to speed has taken a long time. There are some changes to the format of the candidate's database and profiles, which are in response to comments received before the new site was designed.

1. Instead of a page of pictures, the index page for Brothers & Sisters lists the candidates by country and birth date.
2. On each candidate's entry, the picture occurs at the bottom of the entry.

Please let me know, as with other areas of the site, whether you approve or disapprove. We always welcome your suggestions, with the understanding that this is a volunteer effort with limited hours.

Again, if anyone has testimonies, matching pictures, etc. to send me, please feel free. If you have sent items in the last week and I haven't responded, it was due to the work of getting all this information posted. I will be slowly catching up with all the emails that have poured in the last two weeks.



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