Pledge to our Future Son/Daughter-in-law

(Son's name) and (Daughter's name)

We hereby adopt you as our own true son and daughter. We pledge we will love you forever. We pledge we will never forsake you. We are a part of God's lineage and God's True Family together. You are now becoming a part of our lineage, forever. We pledge to accept responsibility for you and your family before God and True Parents. Our families are in the process of becoming one family, one blood lineage, for eternity. This we pledge before the Cosmic True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the families of the True Children. Heung Jin Nim and Jesus.


__________________________ (Son's Father)

__________________________ (Daughter's Father)

__________________________ (Son's Mother)

__________________________ (Daughter's Mother)

Matching Promise

As a matched man and woman, we pledge that we will prepare to become an eternal husband and wife. We will strive towards the fulfillment of the Three Blessings with absolute fidelity and an absolute heart to serve the public and live for the sake of others in order to build the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven centered on True Love.

__________________________ (Son's Name)

__________________________ (Daughter's Name)

Date: ___________