The Words of the Stephan Family

STF First 2 Weeks Fundraising Testimony

Christine Stephan
October 2004
Equatorial Guinea

Now first of all, I want to let you know that I am just trying to tell the truth here, although I wish I could say I have had fabulous experiences and everything.

I had learned to basically hate fundraising (FR) since I was a small kid, because I had been doing it since I was seven. And of course, it had been something completely external for me. To try to practice it as something internal was literally impossible at the beginning.

Now I wonít say I hate it, but I wonít say I love it either, because Iím not perfect yet. I still have a lot to work on. Each morning I wake up dreaming the coming day, but as soon as Iím dropped off, I feel as though itís just my job, so I do it. I have learned to do it with the right attitude, although it took me quite some time.

About my experiences during FR, Iíd love to say that I met loads of lovely people and had nice talks with them and everything, but I suppose I canít. I met only one woman that I talked longer than 5 minutes with, and I had received a big donation. But other than that woman, I have had doors slammed in my face, been called a beggar. But surprisingly I learned to overcome my instant anger at these things, and I learned to love these people anyway. It only made me think about TPs course and also Jesus course.

Not all my experiences were bad though. Sometimes, when somebody would suddenly give an unasked for donation, I would almost burst into tears, or when somebody would smile at me and really mean it, I would just feel as though God were there. I learned from all these experiences that although there might be bad days, they donít last forever and they just are there to prepare for the better days to come.

There is always someone, everyday whom God prepares to make your day, you just have to know how to find that person. The method is simply just never giving up.

In conclusion, although I donít like FR exactly as much as I like eating and sleeping (yet Iím sure I will), I donít give up and drop everything because I know that there is a reason behind it. God needs us to do it; he uses us as mediators to bring his love to those people out there. And if we donít want to, how do you think he feels? We were born with missions and we all have dreams, so we better start living up to both of them, by giving all we have, because this is the right way Ė itís the only way.

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