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How Did Father Discover the Divine Principle?

Peter Steeghs
February 13, 1999

Apparently Father was asked the following question by an aide close to L. Farrakhan: "Reverend Moon, did you discover the Divine Principle all at once, or gradually?". Father evidently replied: "Initially the Divine Principle was revealed to me all at once. However, then it was lost, and I had to rediscover all over again gradually as I went on".

I think the answer is interesting because it is similar to my experience in joining the church. I initially "saw" the vision intuitively. I knew at that very moment that God exists, the principle is true, knew the course that I should take, etc. However, after that initial thrill II found myself grinding in the mud of everyday life to find, and to try fill in the meanings of it all for my personal life.

Father's answers also sheds light on the fact that he had to do the same and "muddle through" as he went on. It also brings home the possibility for Father to make mistakes in that process (the same way that we can).

My own perception is, that the movement was to go through a process of going from "symbolic activity" to "substantial realization" (similar as the 3 courses based on "symbol", "image", and "substance"). I sense that well into the substantial course on the Worldwide level, both Father and the movement were beaten back by resistance/lack of acceptance, and lost direction.

Rather than rethinking the course of substance, the movement has now largely regressed in a preoccupation with symbolic activity.

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