The Words of the Steeghs Family

Reading for Jin Ju Byrne

Beatriz Steeghs
August 30, 2002

Beatriz, this is the Council of Light. We have come in response to your request for communication regarding the state of Jin Ju Byrne.

Yes, she is here with us and she is safe and resting. As we move through this long corridor, we are taking you to a place where she rests, with other young people, patients we call them, who have passed in similar circumstances to this side. As you see, those who guard these halls, and who tend to them and gently guide them as they awake from their slumber, are all young people who have experienced similar circumstances. They are the most qualified to handle these cases, and they are very good at it.

Now we pass into the area of the garden which as you see is full of flowers and light. It is the first thing that these children encounter upon waking. There on the right is Jin Ju. As you can see she is resting. By her side are three of her close relatives who have already passed to this side. One young man approaches us. He knows you well he says, and he is Andrew Byrne. He will address the case and we will bow out of this for the moment.

Do assure the family of Jin Ju that she is fine and resting, that whatever happened to her on earth is leaving her and eventually will become just a vague memory, as a bad dream that she has forgotten in detail and that she attaches no emotion to. She will be guided to forgive those who hurt her as a way for her to grow and move up in the realms of the spiritual world. Assure her mother that Jin Ju is well.

Beatriz, this is Andrew. I came as I was summoned. This is a child of my church family, and she is one who also bears my name. We must share ancestors, although that is not something I have explored. I know you come to check up on her for the sake of her parents.

As you can see, she is fine, just sleeping. Occasionally she awakens and we tend to her needs, mostly she is adjusting to the different environment and to the change in atmosphere. Also, she came through a major trauma and here we sleep this off. You will notice that to her right, high above, an Angel is bringing her much light, it is just flowing from her heart and with it comes much love and nurturing to heal Jin Ju.

It is as if a window is wide open and the bright sunlight is pouring in. Actually, it is just the warmth and love that is being showered on her--from the prayers of all her family, friends and acquaintances. She stirs, but does not totally wake up.

Beatriz, encourage everyone you talk to just to send prayers and positive thoughts of love and forgiveness to Jin Ju. This is key because her trauma was so great that only through forgiveness of herself and of her perpetrator will she be able to move on. Encourage others not to dwell on the aspect of fear that surrounded this event, as nothing is to be gained of this- least of all for Jin Ju.

Please re-assure her parents that I will stay by her side. Trust me, I will not leave her and I will be sure that she is comforted and entertained. She will not be alone, nor afraid. Only they must be careful not to dwell on what happened but look forward with expectation and hope for all the good that can come of this.

Please share with her parents that they do not need to feel separated from their daughter. Ask my mother to call Ms. Byrne and to talk to her of her experiences with me since I passed to this side.

Tell Ms. Byrne that I will treat Jin Ju like my sister and I will be sure to care for her well. I already love her so much and feel so protective of her. Initially, I did not belong in this area, but was called as I am of her church family. I had the privilege of receiving her on this side from the very start.

Please tell her parents that Jin Ju was separated from her body very quickly as a way to protect her from pain. She was allowed to escape the trauma of what happened to her to a very large degree. When I met her here, she was in a lot of fear, just thinking of how to run away. But she was not at all aware of all that happened after that. This is grace. This is given in cases of such innocence as a way of protecting the child.

For this reason, please urge the parents and family not to dwell on what "physically" is reported as having happened to her. She is not aware of this, and if they dwell on it too much, it may affect her adversely.

I know what you are thinking... that it is so difficult to understand how this could happen, but it does. You can recall of many instances where people report that they went through horrible accidents and were even thought to be dead, but they survived. In the end, they report they remember nothing of what happened to them. They just remember up to the point of the accident. That is how it is in many cases of passing to this side. We are spared the gross details. And that serves us to be able to forgive and to go on with our lives, to continue to grow and to find peace and happiness.

Please Beatriz, try to explain this to the parents as clearly as possible so that they can be comforted and they will not dwell on the events of her passing. They are of no significance and will only burden themselves, others and Jin Ju.

I will leave you with this Beatriz. Thank you for being there to let me speak and thank you for checking up on Jin Ju. I give a warm embrace to her parents and to her siblings. There are angels who are sent from this side to shower them with light and warmth as they pass through this event. Many people on earth also come to surround them at this time. Be one of them Beatriz.


Beatriz, this is the Council. We can see that Andrew did a good job of relaying what is going here for Jin Ju. She will be just fine. Assure her parents. As she awakens, more helpers will come to her side, especially some family who she will be drawn to. Andrew stays here with her by her side for now. 

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