The Words of the Stallings Family

Prayer at God's Day

George Augustus Stallings Jr.
January 25, 2012
Chung Pyung, Korea

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, one of the 172 Christian clergy who traveled to Chung Pyung, Korea in September of 2011, offered the following prayer:

Oh eternal God, our Heavenly Supreme Parent, we acknowledge how great Thou art, knowing that it is in You and You alone that we live, move and have our meaning. We give You thanks for having so fearfully and wonderfully made each one of us in Your divine image and likeness, and for having blown into our nostrils the breath of life, creating all humanity as brothers and sisters, one family under God. You are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal; You are the owner and the one to bestow true life, true love and true lineage. When we strayed from You and fell from grace, You did not abandon us, but You have sought down through the ages to draw us back to Your true life, true love and true lineage. Even when You sent your Son, we did not accept Him, believe in Him or love Him, and assigned Him to an ignominious death on the Cross. Yet You still never gave up on us, You still never left us alone. You have now sent the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, by which You will now restore all things and engraft men and women back to Your true life, true love and true lineage.

On the occasion of the joint birthdays of True Parents, as we celebrate the 93rd birthday of Abonim and the 70th birthday of Eomonim, we also celebrate the manifestation of a new day of alignment in which the numbers 9 and 3, equaling the number 12, symbolize fullness and completion. True Mother's birthday, 7 plus 0, symbolizes perfection, for all things can now be made perfect, and the pathway to perfection has now been firmly established for all those who receive from True Parents the marriage Blessing and are restored once again to God's true lineage.

If each one of us had 10,000 tongues we would never be able to thank True Parents enough for all of their love and devotion, sacrifice and suffering, dedication and commitment for the liberation of our God and humankind. God, we pray that You will grant unto True Parents long life and continue the health of mind and body so they may behold one day with their own eyes the recognition of all humankind who have discovered their true purpose for which You have sent them upon the earth. May they, as the guiding light for humanity, bring us all to the kingdom of God in this era of Cheon Il Guk, where heaven and earth become one, and that they may be the ones who allow us to see the face of God. So let us together, my beloved brothers and sisters, with one, united voice, acclaim them as our True Parents and wish them well on their birthday with our cheers of Eog-mansei. I offer and report this prayer in the name of all Blessed Central Families and in my own name George Augustus Stallings, Jr., a Blessed Central Family, Aju, Aju, Aju. 

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