The Words of the Stallings Family

We are called to be the new John the Baptist!

George A. Stallings
December 17, 2011
OSDP workshop in Chicago

Bishop Stallings and his wife at their wedding.

This is not about trying to convert us to a church but to convert our mind, to convert our hearts. What this age is all about is not denomination, is not about church, it is about a way of life...

We are called in this time and age to be the NEW John the Baptist... to understand what "Messiah" means, because we DON'T know what "Messiah" means. We don't know what the Second Coming means, because our focus has been on an event rather than a process... It is about a process of restoration, of returning to God's original ideal. To think that the Second Coming is somebody coming out of the clouds in a moment, in an instant, in a twinkling of an eye, and all of a sudden this Messiah appears to the righteous and takes them up in the clouds and leaves the earth as it is, this is not only FAKE theology, it is MIS-theology...

We are not to become members of another church, but members of a movement that seeks to change the face of the earth. True Parents are teaching us to live for the sake of others, to become pure, to become holy... to become the people that the Messiah desires you to be, to not only talk the talk, but to be the sons and daughters of God.... This is the time! 

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