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Archbishop George Stallings Offers "New Wine" to Clergy Conference in New Jersey

Kathaleen Sato
June 26, 2010

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Co-President of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), elicited a spirited response from 200 faith leaders gathered on June 26th in Orange, New Jersey. His topic: "What are you doing with your anointing?"

The Rev. Reginald T. Jackson, the host pastor, expressed his delight in having ACLC in the house for the monthly ACLC prayer breakfast at St. Matthew A. M. E. Church. As he looked out at the participants, he commented on how beautiful it was to see the diversity of faith, and race. He then took a long and hard look at the sermon title, (What are you doing with your anointing?) and remarked that it was a very compelling question.

After a solemn opening prayer from the renowned Newark Pastor the Reverend Leonard L. Smalls, Rev. Jackson was followed by Rev. Joshua Cotter, who conveyed greetings and love on behalf of the Rev. In Jin Moon (President and CEO of the Unification Church in the USA and pastor of Lovin' Life Ministries.) He said Rev. In Jin Moon is praying deeply for our nation and people of all faiths, to come together.

The Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins gave a powerful account of the Keynote speaker, ACLC Co-President Archbishop George A. Stallings' history, as a priest and senior pastor. He noted his courage to stand up and go beyond the barriers of denomination and race to call for a new spirit of faith to lead the body of Christ. Dr. Jenkins concluded his introduction by saying we should prepare ourselves as wine skins (Mark 2:2.) to receive new wine (through Archbishop Stallings' message).

Archbishop Stallings began his sermon by saying, "God has called us for such a time as this. Let us seize the moment." He covered five major points in his sermon. First, he defined the meaning of God's anointing. It is not something you can buy in a convenience store or get at an ATM machine. It only comes from God on high. God calls and chooses the people he will use for his will.

He based his sermon on Samuel 16:6-13. He expressed that God does not look at the outer appearance but the heart. He alluded to the fact that David was not the first son of Jessie. After seeing the nine son's of Jessie, Samuel could not find the one whom he should anoint. David was not among his elder brothers. He was tending the sheep. God often chooses the most unlikely person.

The Inestimable Price of Anointing

Then Archbishop Stallings stirred the gathering by saying that God gives His anointing for a purpose. "The anointing seals the deal that you are going to be used by God for His purpose. If claim that we have the anointing, we have to be more than a disciple. We don't need the anointing to be a disciple. To be a disciple, all you've got to do is just follow. Why waste the anointing? The anointing has an inestimable price on it."

Then he painted a picture of Jesus using text from Matt 1:21; John1:1; John 1:14; Rom. 8:29, and Col.1:15. They portrayed Jesus as the Savior, Christ; the anointed one; the Word made flesh, who dwelt among us; the image of the invisible God; and the first born of many brethren. The Archbishop concluded that Jesus was the example par-excellence, as the anointed one of God." Jesus is the preeminent son of God, the first born of God.

Archbishop Stallings brought us back to the beginning in Gen. 1:26 where it says that man is made in the image of God. Therefore, we are also in the image of God. Jesus was the first son of God but he was one of many brethren. Then, Archbishop Stallings brought to light that if Jesus was the first among many, then there must have been a second, tenth, one hundredth brother, after him. Thus, the fourth point that was made was -- if we are Jesus' younger brothers, we should emulate our elder brother's example.

The Archbishop digressed for a moment, to share a personal testimony about the joys of his life: his marriage, and the birth of his first son. He said that when he looked at his son's face for the first time, the hope in his heart was that his son would one day become greater than him. Archbishop Stallings believes that this is the desire of all fathers for their children: to surpass them in stature and achievements. Then he posed the question, "Is God any different?"

Archbishop Stallings referred to Jesus words in John 14:12 "You will do greater works than this…." and then he continued by saying that if we are victorious in fulfilling the will of God, it will not diminish the position or greatness of the historical Jesus. Nothing can change that. In the same way, no matter how great his son's achievements may be in the future, they will never change his position as father or rob him of what he has done for God, in his life.

"This May be New Wine for us."

Archbishop Stallings said, "This may be new wine for us." However, he cautioned everyone not to get caught up in traditional theological concepts.

Finally Archbishop Stallings challenged all by saying, if we are anointed by God, the father of Jesus and our father, we should have the power and anointing to take up the full mantle, of God and Jesus, and fulfill it. Father Moon has taken up the mantle to carry out the will of God, together with Jesus, at this time.

Too many ministers are still sitting down on their anointing. "We must stand-up together and do 'Thus saith the Lord.' It is in all of us to become Christ-like," and carry the mantle of His will. Then, Jesus will live among us forever.

After the sermon, Rev. Phillip Thomas' wife, Pamela, was asked to pray. She was so overwhelmed by the emotional impact of the sermon; the words would not come out of her mouth. Her husband graciously finished the prayer for her.

When the Breakfast concluded, Rev. Archie Cummings, who hosted a previous ACLC Prayer Breakfast with Archbishop Stallings as the keynote speaker, commented that Stallings took his sermon to a whole new level.

The preparations and execution of the program was a true partnership on every level, between the Districts, ACLC Staff, and St. Mathew AME Church. 

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