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"Biblical Principles Revealed" -- Pastors' Forum Lights up Minneapolis Clergy

G. Agustus Stallings
June 14. 2010

Thirty-eight pastors attended the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Pastors' Forum on "Biblical Principles Revealed" at Rev. Jesse Griffin's True Vine Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis on Monday, May 24. Our ACLC Co-Convener Reverend Griffin assured all present that the doors of True Vine Missionary Baptist Church would always be open for ACLC functions.

Our guest facilitator was Archbishop George A. Stallings of Imani Temple in Washington, DC. He skillfully took us through the Biblical Principles, including the Principle of Creation, the Fall of Man and Mission of Jesus. We followed the slides closely and participants read many Bible verses as the study progressed. More than a few ministers would nod in agreement as Archbishop Stallings explained the actual events behind the symbols in the Fall of Man.

The floor was opened for questions, such as, "How do we understand original sin, hereditary sin, collective sin and personal sin in light of salvation? How could Adam and Eve fulfill God's Second Blessing (multiplication) without engaging in physical intimacy? What is sin really?" Archbishop Stallings answered every question clearly and urged all present to continue to study more.

Reverend Griffin closed us in prayer and Rev. Borer offered some concluding remarks. Bishop Arnett, who will be attending a Woman in Ministry Conference in June, was asked to be the guest speaker at our next ACLC event.

We thank local ACLC members, Japanese missionaries, and staff from True Vine Missionary Baptist for their hospitality and support for this event. ACLC in Minneapolis was especially grateful to Archbishop Stallings for taking time to travel here, in spite of his tight schedule. 

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