The Words of the Stallings Family

Congratulatory Remarks At The Holy Wedding

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
December 26, 2004
East Garden
Senior Pastor And Founder Imani Temple African-American Catholic Congregation
Washington, DC

Holy Wedding Of The Second Generation
In The New Era Of Interreligious And International Peace Kingdom Federation For Cheon Il Guk
Congratulatory Remarks

Dearly Beloved Blessed Central Family Members of the Second Generation:

You have gathered today in this holy and sacred place of East Garden, in the presence of God, our Heavenly Father, the entire spirit world and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, to be blessed in Holy Matrimony. You represent the purity of Godís heart, a heart that has desired from all eternity for man and woman, standing in the position of a true Adam and a true Eve, to be the very presence and substantiation of Godís presence on earth. Through the indemnity and supreme sacrifice of our True Parents who have met and fulfilled all conditions, you have been restored to Godís True Lineage that was previously severed by the Human Fall and now you have been engrafted back to God. As a result, you possess Godís True Life, True Love and True Lineage and you must never allow anyone or anything to divert you from the path that has led you to such a holy, pure and blessed station in life.

Your Holy Wedding sets the stage for the foundation of the New Era of the Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation for Cheon Il Guk which is a new stage of the path to the Kingdom of God on Earth. Your marriage blessing of pure young second generation representatives is being offered to heaven to set the standard for the future families of the Kingdom of God. Your marriage, therefore, is not for you alone. You have been especially chosen and will be blessed by True Parents as a sign and standard to the world of the holiness and sanctity of marriage and family. Your blessed marriage bears witness to Godís Ideal and Principle. The days, months and years ahead will test the best that is within you. Do not be afraid. God is with you. In all that you think, say and do, remember the invaluable teachings and life of True Parents who stand among us as Messiah, Savior, Second Coming, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. They live for the sake of others as they pattern and mirror the mind and heart of God. They are the gateway to eternal live, love and lineage. Live as they do. You are privileged among all men and woman to receive the blessing of Holy Matrimony from the Parents of Heaven and Earth and to have your sacred union sealed for all eternity in the presence of a Cloud of Witnesses, including the saints and sages as well as the founders of the worldís major religions, who applaud you with shouts of joy and acclamation.

And so, as you begin the first day of your eternal sacred union, a covenant signed and sealed by heaven and earth, I congratulate you for having committed and dedicated yourselves as living examples of Absolute Faith, True Love and God-centeredness as True Couples and future True Parents and True Families. May God and True Parents, who have begun this new era of life in you, bring it to completion. May you find joy, happiness and peace, now and always.

Amen. Amen, amen.

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