The Words of the Stallings Family

Dear Fellow Kingdom Builders

George Augustus Stallings
October 2, 2002

American Clergy Leadership Conference
3224 16th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010
Tel: 202 319-3200
Fax: 202-319-3201

Dear Fellow Kingdom Builders:

We specifically say kingdom builders because this is a special mission that we have been called from birth to achieve. Most people know they have been called to do something great but spend their whole lives going from project to project, trying to figure out their true mission. The greatest blessing is to know what you have been called to do and to find the ways and means to get your mission accomplished.

We have been called to work with a great man and woman who have been raised up, educated and anointed by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and are teaching all mankind how to inherit their rightful position and title as True Parent, Messiah, Lord, and King. Of course to most people who are religious, and even those who are not, this is a very frightening concept because during the time of slavery it was even taught that some of us are less than human. We raised our banner high when Martin Luther King declared that we will be judged by the content of our character. In other words, what we become is more important than what we say.

We encourage you to participate in a five-day Conference sponsored by the FFWPU specifically designed for ACLC Ministers, entitled "MINISTERIAL EMPOWERMENT FOR KINGDOM BUILDING," that will cover these major issues:

Who is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon? What is the mission God has given to him? How is Jesus as the Messiah passing on his messiahship to Father and Mother Moon? What is the mission of the Messiah? And how do we become a Messiah, Lord and King?

This is spiritual empowerment at its best. In this Conference we are not asking anyone who is not ready to become a Kingdom Building leader to attend this workshop. First of all, this will be a workshop that will give no apology for the work and mission of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. In fact, this workshop is for those who want to work with Rev. Moon in the great mission of restoring God’s Kingdom on the earth.

This is a very providential time in history. The only ones that can carry out this great mission are providential people whom God has chosen. During the Conference we will be studying the teaching and revelations of Rev. Moon that were given to him by God and Jesus Christ, which led to the development of the "Divine Principle." During the Conference other Ministers will give advice, guidance and teaching on who we are and what our mission is to our congregants and constituents in this new providential time period.

The dates of the Conference are October 21st – 26th. The Conference will be held in Ocean City, Maryland by special invitation only to selected ACLC Ministers. Please consider it a great honor to have been selected for such a historic and monumental workshop.

We are all very busy in the day-to-day tasks, but history will prove that we played a pivotal role in bringing about a great change in our world. That is, taking his world from Satan and bringing it back to God and being the answer to Jesus’ prayer, ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

The Regional and Vice Regional Directors will be offering scholarships to this workshop, and since it is sponsored solely by the FFWPU, they will be central to the invitation process locally. Please confirm your participation to your Regional Vice-Director by October 12th. We look forward to meeting with you at the Conference.

Very truly yours,

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings
Chairman, Exec. Committee

Rev. Levy M.B. Daugherty
Executive Director

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