The Words of the Spurgin Family

A Letter from Nora Spurgin to Washington DC Sisters

Nora Spurgin
January 29, 2000

Dear Sisters,

Several weeks ago I was faced with a great challenge. I was informed that I was to be one of three "prayer ladies" each representing their country, Korea, Japan, America. The Holy Ground in DC was to be protected and energized with prayer 24 hours a day and the Americans were to cover 8-hour period. Consequently I came to DC expecting that I may need to be prepared to pray 8 hours per day at Holy Ground.

To be honest, I couldn't even imagine doing this, not only because of standing in the cold eight hours at a time, but I am more used to praying on the run, so I'd have to develop long-term prayer muscles.

Then there was my job at New Eden Academy. I arranged for substitutes for the two classes I taught and came to DC for 10 days.

Then mission was more "do-able" than I expected and I found that, if dressed warmly, praying outside was a spiritually invigorating experience. I prayed with American members of the DC community every eve from 10-12:00. In addition some days I also took other shifts when there was need.

It was a beautiful and deeply moving experience to pray with you. I need now to return to Bridgeport to New Eden. Father instructed that this prayer condition continue. Both Mrs. Erikawa and I need to turn this over to the Washington Community, but we will come once or twice a month to pray with you.

Will you carry the torch for our True Parents and for America. True Father said that now whatever we pray for can be answered directly. Let's pray for very specific providential needs to be fulfilled. I would like every member to consider signing up to take a 2 hour slot on a regular basis once a week. If you can't imagine stretching your prayer muscles this far (or you have situations which don't accommodate it), think about what you could do. Two people or four people could share a weekly slot.

Here are some suggestions.

Get a little group together -- your closest church neighbors. I found that I had such incredibly warm feelings toward those who prayed together. Dress warmly -- even bring a blanket (one doesn't need to freeze). With enough clothes it is but a fresh feeling.

Use the time to be alone if you like and pour your heart out to God. Or do a prayer walk around the area. Try out some new prayer techniques. Call on specific people from Spirit World-your ancestors, religious leaders, Jesus, healers, members who've passed on, angels, those who were good at making money. Give them specific jobs. After all, we hold the "key" to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do a little historic research and discover many wonderful people and things to pray about. Make yourself a prayer list throughout the week. Use your prayer time for all these special requests. Bless everyone around you. Sing praises to God. Zap everyone with prayer energy. Liberate your ancestors. Pray that Spirit World can help "free up" the incredible wealth in this nation - that it can flow through Gods hands.

Pray for healing of the hearts of disaffected "members pray for the healing and protection of our True Family. Send circles of angel to everyone, they are here to serve - they are expecting to be commissioned.

Let's make America one powerful nation for God and True Parents.

While you are praying in DC, I will start a prayer group at New Eden with the second generation. we have a beautiful beach to pray on.

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