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Scholarships To Attend BIA High School For Four Years

Nora Spurgin
April 9, 2007

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Bridgeport International Academy, the chairman of BIA, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, announced recently that the Family Federation will offer five New Eden Scholarships for American students who wish to attend BIA, a college preparatory high school. The scholarship will cover full tuition for students with outstanding academic records who are ready to enter the ninth grade. To be considered for a scholarship, a youth must be fluent in English, have an overall Grade Point Average of 3.5 for the last two years of school, have parents who are Unification members, and either be an American citizen or have a US permanent resident card.

Bridgeport International Academy is taking two giant leaps forward this year: The first was the announcement that the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), which is the most prestigious accrediting body in New England, granted regional accreditation to BIA for ten years and that the State of Connecticut renewed BIA's accreditation. Founded by our True Parents, the Academy has a high standard of moral and academic excellence.

The second step is that in August BIA will begin the new school year in a beautiful, newly renovated facility, which will allow the Academy to enroll more students. The Academy's arrangement with the University of Bridgeport will continue with BIA students taking courses at U.B. and using university facilities. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, on September 1st BIA will have an alumni reunion and open house in the new building. It has been an incredible decade of building a foundation upon which the school can now expand.

Scholarship decisions will be made by a committee chaired by Dr. Yang. To apply for a New Eden Scholarship, please contact Mrs. Nora Spurgin, Principal, BIA, 285 Lafayette Street, Box 100, Bridgeport, CT 0660.

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