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European HARP Leaders Meeting 6th-9th January 2005

Ester Spari
January 2005

Our first European HARP leaders meeting this year has been a wonderful experience for everyone participating. For my part, it was a very inspiring gathering of which I gained much enthusiasm for the upcoming year and its events.

The meeting took place in the ESGD building in Sossenheim, Frankfurt where all of us enjoyed a very familial atmosphere.

In addition to presentations that were given by each attending nation reviewing the year 2004 and giving an overview of this year's plan, we were able to plan the summer schedule including this year's summer activities motto and topic themes for the lectures. Also we were honored to receive a lot of guidance ourselves, hearing presentations about Service for Peace and Jr. STF and discussing the education of Second Generation. We could even hear the latest news on matching and blessing by Geros Kunkel, who was glad to answer upcoming questions. Besides having a walk or games everyday we had a lot of opportunities to discuss topics that were important to us to inspire and motivate each other for new concepts and ideas. Especially the discussions in small regional groups such as SHUK, SKI and DACH were very helpful and constructive.

To say the least, the meeting was fruitful and made everyone look forward to this year's activities and workshops. More precisely, I felt a wonderful atmosphere meeting people from all over Europe that have the same responsibilities I have. One of the participants said at the end of the meeting: "It was a very nice, vertical atmosphere. I'm glad we didn't have any heavy discussions, we seemed to be very united in thought and in our goals instead."

I can say I felt exactly the same way - and I am wishing for the next European HARP leaders meeting to come up already...

Thanks a lot to the ESGD and responsible people ~ what a great way to start a year!

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