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Woo Group -- Chiaki Ainsworth (Okamoto) Affiliation and Witnessing

Yong Chon Song
July 20, 2014
Importance: High

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you know, our beloved elder sister Chiaki Ainsworth (Okamoto) has joined the Woo group and is actively witnessing to our members in order to convert them as well. Chiaki has abandoned her Blessing and now lives separately from her family, often visiting Korea to meet personally with Woo. She is considered one of their senior members in Japan.

If you, or anyone you know, has been contacted by Chiaki, please let us know. We will try to help in the strictest confidence.

The following is a summary of information IFA committee members and other national representatives received from a lecture we recently participated in at HQ. The lecture was at the request of President Tokuno who is personally involved in trying to deal with Chiaki's situation. The lecture was given by Mr. Kachi, a 777 couple who is responsible for investigating groups that have arisen from within our movement:

The Woo group is one of several factional groups that have established themselves from members within the Unification Church. However, the Woo Group goes by various names, often approaching our members as a chance for intense Hoon Dok Hae. They read True Father's words and pray, then slowly guide our members away, using True Father's own words to adopt the viewpoint of Mr. Woo.

Mr. Kachi showed us that one of the Woo group's main books is called 'Tribal Association' and in it they state that the original Divine Principle was NOT written by True Father, but by a Woo group member called Okamoto, inspired by Mr. Woo, and that True Father is only using it.

The Woo Group teaches that the Blessing of True Parents does NOT remove the Original Sin. They can confuse members by saying: "So through the Blessing have you became perfect, have you removed your Fallen Nature?" They believe that Fallen Nature equals Original Sin. By doing so, they can hook our Unification Church members who are struggling that they aren't perfect, or who are struggling with faith or within their family.

Another key Woo Group teaching is that just as God's providence has used a dispensational lineage such as Tamar (Judah), Rachel (Jacob), and Mary (Zacariah) to reverse the conditions of the fall, True Father is also the result of an illegitimate relationship between True Father's uncle and mother. They also say that Woo continues this providence and is the son of True Father through a relationship with Woo's mother. However, it has been shown that at the time Woo's Mother is supposed to have been pregnant, she had not even met the Unification Church.

Woo also teaches that True Father went to Hungnam Prison because he failed his mission as the Messiah which needs to be completed before 40 years of age. Woo also teaches that the Blessing that True Parents have given since then is symbolic of Jesus and the Holy Spirit preparing spiritual salvation of chosen families in preparation of the coming of the 4th Adam. Importantly, this is why the Woo group is using people like Chiaki to witness to members inside the Unification Church because they believe we are the prepared people receive him as the Messiah.

True Father has said that there is no need for a 4th Adam and that True Parents have fulfilled every condition to be the victorious Messiah!

The Woo group also teaches that because Woo could not fulfill his mission as the Messiah before he was 40, Woo's son must now fulfill this mission.

Furthermore, blessed wives who join the Woo Group are told that they must purify themselves and clean their womb so that children born from them will also be pure. They then are lead to have sexual intercourse with Woo.

As you can see, the teachings and practices of the Woo group are 180 degrees opposite from our True Parents teachings – however, the methods they use is based on misinterpretations of the Principle and Father's own words, this makes it both persuasive and confusing for our members.

Please If you, or anyone you know, has been contacted by Chiaki, let us know. We will try to help in the strictest confidence. 

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