The Words of the Song Family

Message to International Matching Seminar Participants

Hai-Ok Song Lee
May 17, 2014

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

So good to see you.

I heard that about 2000 international family members are in Japan. Many of them are far away in isolated areas of Japan. So, only about 50 of you are gathered today. (Do I hear Japanese translation going on here? Those of you who can't understand my English, raise your hand, please… Oh really, sumimasen…)

Well, I have just been to the missionaries' workshop. Today is the final day of this workshop. All of them are very young, 20 to 25 years old. They know nothing about how to live in a foreign country. You all know what that is like, I believe.

First of all, please receive my sincere, sincere apologies, on behalf of the Unification Movement here in Japan. When I came to Japan last year, I believe meeting with IFA was the first unofficial meeting I had. Before I had any other unofficial meeting, my first meeting was with you. I really wanted to meet IFA staff and I thought that we could support IFA, we can change, we can strengthen them, we can make them excited. No more loneliness, no more tears, it's all ok, the party will now start! That's how I felt at that time! But a year passed and I have nothing much to say to you.

I don't think you feel that IFA or from HQ side, you don't feel much change, do you? Does anybody feel that, "Oh, I feel so much has changed."? I feel so much more excitement than before! Raise your hand. Thank you. But, I know the truth. There's no way near as much change as I expected, so, I feel so sad, myself.. I couldn't help much, somehow. I realize the president cannot change everything by himself or by ourselves. It's like a government; it takes time.

I'm a very impatient person. I don't have any patience. I want to see results immediately; I can't wait. We all know what we need, we all know what we have to change, but for some reasons, it's not happening. I am frustrated. Maybe, some of you will say, oh well, I can see a bit of change. Maybe some of you think, "Oh, I gave up a long time ago, I don't believe anymore." Whatever you feel, we have to change, anyway. We have to make it better. I don't think we can be any worse. No way we can't be more worse. I'm not saying that you are doing nothing, but, what I am saying is from the HQ side, because I am staff (no, I'm not staff, I don't receive any salary. I am a volunteer staff.) But as volunteer staff, on behalf of my husband and on behalf of the Unification Movement of Japan, we are truly sorry we should do better. We should look after you better.

Many of you are from all over the world, because of True Parents, because of the faith. There is no other reason why you are here. So, this should mean that the church has to be responsible to look after you. So, in many areas, we have been very lacking and in pain.

Since I came to Japan, only a year has passed. I have been living in foreign countries most of my life of faith. Thirty years, here and there, Africa, Oceania, Europe and now in Japan. But last year, throughout the year, during one year's time, I was more painful than ever, more grateful that ever. I was touched by members, all my emotions were 10 times stronger -- anger, happy, frustrated, hope and disappointed -- all these kinds of emotions came in waves like on a rollercoaster. So, if I come here, what can I share with you? If I say the things that I am supposed to say, I wonder if that talk will just go over your head. So, I don't know what I am supposed to talk about…. But, anyway, the most important thing is not talk, but, how we can actually change. From your side or from my side, you may have felt that, "Oh, even if we say things, it doesn't really make much difference, so what's the point?" But, don't give up!

Shout to me! Cry out to me! At least let me be with you. When you cry, let me cry with you. When you are angry, let me be angry with you. I might not be able to solve the problem, which you have, but let me be with you.

The situation in Japan, I know, is quite complicated. It is not like any other country. I used to work in Europe -- England, Germany. If we just work hard, we can make our church grow. We can get a new building. We can get new things. We can do it right away, as much as we are working on it. But here in Japan, it's not that kind of a case. So, for some reason, I want to ask you to understand how difficult the Japanese Movement is. This is not an excuse as to why we couldn't look after you. There is no excuse.

Japan is Mother Nation. Mother Nation is supposed to look after the whole world; but, before looking after the whole world, if we can't look after the International families in Japan, it doesn't make any sense! I'm a simple minded person. I don't understand. If you are going to look after the whole world and you can't look after our international family members, if you can't look after 2000 people, how are you going to look after 2 or 3 million (or whatever the numbers)? It doesn't make any sense to me. That's why I was frustrated.

One thing is true though, that we can't give up! Although we are shouting at each other or fighting, complaining or blaming each other, whatever we do, we should not give up. We will never ever learn how to give up. We only learn how to hang on. Hang on. Hang on to one another.

There are many things in my mind. Whenever I have a chance to talk with church leaders, I always mention (if I mention many things they aren't going to know where to start.) So I always mention only one thing. I hope they can accept this and I hope they can change. This thing is a translator. I ask them, why you guys don't prepare a translator for the international members? It doesn't matter how many international members are in your church -- even one member is as important as 1000 members. If they come to the church for Sunday Service and they don't understand anything, how can you expect them to come every week? That's impossible!

This is what I have been talking about, simple and clear, but I'm still working on it. So, I said to them, you don't need to hire any professional translator, there is someone who can translate into English in your members. I'm sure they can do it. I'm sure. It's a type of volunteer work. You just have to let them do it… Give them the responsibility. This is a happy responsibility. Then everyone says, "Oh, I can do that!" Let international members help to prepare a party or other things that they can do. International families can do many things which local members cannot do.

You know that True Parents created our logo. Our image is the International family. One Family under God. What does that mean -- One Family Under God? It's the international family, isn't it? Am I wrong? We are one family. What does that mean "One Family"? Does it mean Korea or Japan? Is this one family? Nonsense. There is no nationality in one family, it's just a family. A family under one Parent. Who is the one family? The international family. Generation to generation, there is no way you can avoid it. Your children's children will be matched and blessed internationally. Which way is right? That's why you are here, right? So, we are all International families. I'm an international Family; my son-in-law is half Japanese. I'm looking for another international member to be my future daughter in law! I came here today, with my own personal desire, too! I have 2 boys!

We all are international families because of True Parents, because that's God's will! So you are not alone, you are not a few. Somebody said that the group of international families is a minority group. I said, "Who is a minority group? Int. Families are the majority group. Minority group is those who are the same nation Blessing., Like my husband and me, we are a minority. The same nationality… how boring!"

Recently, True Mother mentioned one thing that just stays in my mind. (Do I have to go through from beginning to end what True Mother said? If you want to hear from beginning to end what True Mother has said, I can do it. I have the notes. Raise your hand… Wow, many! Are you sure you can, in terms of time? I'm sure her speeches are always on the videos and also written.) But, among True Mother's speeches, one thing that touched my mind most was the tree in Hawaii. This tree's branches hang low and when they touch the ground, the branch becomes rooted into the soil. You know what I mean? I'm sure you saw the picture of this tree. So, when the branch is grown and touches the ground again, they make a new root. It's quite an unusual tree. Perhaps you aren't Japanese, you are foreigners, like a branch, not the root, but you can make a root. If you continuously reach out, somewhere you will make a root. 16:30

So don't give up! As long as my husband and I are here in Japan, (hopefully a short time, not a long time) As long as we are here, we will be with you, We cannot guarantee we will solve the problem that you have. We can't change everything right away. I cannot guarantee that; but at least we will be with you, so, don't hesitate, let us know your needs. So, whenever I have a chance to visit a local church, I'll try to meet with Int. Families and ask the church leader to give the local members a better understanding of IFA members, so you can be able to contribute in your own way. Of course, if you get the Lotto and all of a sudden, overnight, you get a million dollars, please think about this poor Unification Church HQ which always has to reach out to fulfill a goal. So, please do something about the donation providence. If you cannot donate,, it's still ok. I cannot say it's good, but you can do many other things, too.

What is hell? Hell is isolation. Church may be not giving you space, so, you create your own space. "Let me get in and give me my space! I'll do something for this church." I can help you. Fight for your seat, right? Isn't this what Jesus said? Fight for your seat! Don't stand and wait for someone to give you a seat. Fight for the seat. Wherever you belong, whichever community, be the owner! If you need help, cry out… cry out! You have wonderful staff here and I'm volunteer staff, as well, whether you like it or not, I'm volunteer staff! Miwakosan is very brave… She just gives me a call at any time. She sends me a message and calls... very brave. I'm grateful for that. You are not a nobody, you are a somebody, very special. USS -- Ultra Super Special – you are very special. I am not saying this because I have to do lip service! No, I don't think so.

Until you moved to Japan, what had you been through? You met God, you met True Parents. You've been through all kinds of hardships and training courses. You received the Blessing. So many hardships you've been through. Now, you are here. You cannot be ordinary, a normal nobody. You are USS! God called you, trained you and sent you with a mission. You are all here as missionaries, right? That's what I believe. Of course, your most important agenda is your children's matching. But, most of all, I love to see your smile, your happiness, laughter and hugs. I believe that is what God wants to see! 

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