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Hai Ok Lee Song will speak at the December 8, IFA Monthly Service

December 1, 2013

Hi everyone, please see changes below in bold for this coming Sunday Service with Mrs. Song.

Hope to see you there.

IFA Monthly Service December 8, 2013

Shibuya HQ church from 2pm to 5:00 (no potluck dinner)

Speaker: Mrs. Hai Ok Lee Song, Wife of our Japan Continental Leader

Mrs. Hai Ok Lee Song, the wife of Japan's Korean Continental Leader, Rev. Yong Cheon Song, would like to meet and share with IFA members and see how our families in Japan are doing.

Mrs. Song just spent eleven days with True Mother in October as True Mother toured Japan and spoke in five cities. Such blessings and grace!

Mrs. Song sees our international families as the beautiful fruit for Heaven's endeavors and wants to see our Japanese Movement blossom and develop, and to change the public image towards our True Parents.

Also, we will have a chance to share with Mrs. Song.

We will have: TESTIMONIES of loving service about some projects of our International members around Japan.

Cultural musical offerings and dance.

Fellowship and snacks

Our program will be from 2 to 5:00pm, please come by 1:30 to help prepare and plan to stay until the end

We will also have some videos set up downstairs for the children.

See you on Dec 8!

IFA Committee 

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