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Yong Cheon Song
July 29, 2012

Dear European Blessed Families and Members,

I have just returned from Korea having attended the Special Education for Blessed Families, the 'Abel Women UN' Inauguration Assembly and the Peace Cup Tournament. I was inspired to see such a strong delegation from Europe and many European Second Generation attending the Summer Workshops in Chung Pyung who could also take part in the Inauguration Assembly.

Altogether ours represented the largest continental contingent outside of Korea and Japan.

Once again I must thank you all for your sincere support for True Parents' Providence.

True Father continues to manifest life and death determination each day as he repeatedly makes strong Hoon Dok conditions. He delivered a very significant Address at the Inauguration Assembly and, after the Peace Cup Final, immediately left for a three day fishing condition in Gomundo.

Here are some brief extracts from the Inaugural speech:

The Women's Federation must walk the path of the creation of a peaceful world by joining forces with other NGOs and women leaders as the 'Abel Women UN' and bring governments around the world together. The priority of the 'Abel Women UN' should be the true family movement of living for the sake of others, based on true love, carried out in conjunction with proper values education. Men and women do not need to confront or contend with each other ….. Instead they can become united as a greater whole and share in one another. Going beyond a century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building the century of love and the peace culture, and their role will be more important than ever before. I sincerely ask you to walk the path of a True Mother, the path of a True Wife, the path of a True Daughter, and the path of a True Women Leader who will build the unified world where freedom, peace, and happiness in its truest sense overflow.

Please challenge yourself to read this speech many times during this forty day period, in order to become one with True Parents' providential heart and perspective. Surely on the foundation of Cain and Abel unity we are in an era of Mother-Son cooperation – women should guide men to True Mother and so to True Father. True Mother is in total oneness with True Father and with the same authority.

It is so interesting to see the close unity between Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. They are supporting each other so well and consulting correctly with True Mother. Hyung Jin Nim is having so many deep and challenging experiences as he attends True Parents day and night. Please pay close attention to Hyung Jin Nim's and Kook Jin Nim's speeches on 'Strong Abel' and 'Freedom Society'.

The three football teams that competed in the Peace Cup along with Il Hwa Seungnam were all European: Hamburg, Sunderland and Groningen. Each has a Korean player on its playing staff. Hamburg beat Il Hwa 1:0 in the Final. True Parents were very happy, explaining that Il Hwa, as the hosts, did well to take second place and allow a guest team to win. Each time we support True Parents providence we see such signs of heavenly fortune coming to Europe.

Europe was singled out as the only continent to report as True Father lead an eight hour Hoon Dok Hae session in Chung Pyung the day after the Inauguration Assembly. Please understand through this the importance of the foundation that is being built in Europe as True Parents' grace flows through the European Leadership Conferences held in United Nations Institutions and National Parliaments. Each Nation and Community should make strong efforts to participate each month and as a result the providence to build Cheon Il Guk will be greatly accelerated. At our Continental Directors Meeting True Children's primary focus was to urge us to prepare current Heads of State and Government and VVIPs to attend Foundation Day in Korea – we should bring at least twelve -- each nation must constantly connect such VIPs to our ELC programmes.

There will be two Cosmic Blessing events during the planned fourteen day Celebration period from True God's Day to Foundation Day 2013. The first will be a Cosmic Blessing on 08.01.04 (Sunday 17th February 2013) to harvest all of our Tribal Foundation. Each of our Blessed Central Families should bring at least three new Couples to this event. On that foundation all Blessed Families will join with the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, five days later, for the historic Foundation Day 'Blessing of God' and receive the incredible grace of the completion stage Blessing.

Please bring your tribal contacts to local workshops and on to the monthly European Seven Day Workshops in order to prepare them to receive the Cosmic Blessing on Sunday, 17th February 2013. Each Nation should urgently set up a National Blessing Committee to plan their own national Blessing event on that day (for new couples) and also the Foundation Day Blessing to be held simultaneously with the event in Korea on 13.01.04 (22nd February 2013).

Please put all your heart into these seven European Jeong Seong Conditions so that we can stand as new people, like Adam and Eve before the Fall, and receive the Seal of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on Foundation Day. I cannot emphasize enough how important this period is for all our Blessed Central Families to fulfil their Tribal Messiahship responsibility for the sake of all Humanity. Yours sincerely,

Yong Cheon Song

President Unification Church Europe

Conditional Offering 14. European Jung Song Condition under the Heavenly Calendar 16.06.03 to 25.07.03 (Friday 3rd August -- Tuesday 11th September 2012)

Daily prayer

Begin your morning devotions by mentioning the Heavenly Calendar date, offering Kyongbae to Cheonji-in Chambumonim, reciting Family Pledge and the Lisbon Resolution.

Prayer Points

1. To support the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind through our life or death determination.

2. To put the Lisbon Resolution into practice in my family and community.

3. To support witnessing and teaching of the Original Divine Principle in my community

4. To bring three couples to the Cosmic Blessing on 08.01.04 (Sunday 17th February 2012)

Hoon Dok Hae

All members to hold Hoon Dok Hae each day centring on the texts available on the European website: True Father's Speech at The Establishment Rally for the 'Abel Women UN' and The Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the One and Three Hour Divine Principle lectures, the Autobiography, the Peace Messages and the Exposition of the Divine Principle.

Jung Song Donation

Please send all the donations collected to the European Office. They will be used to support the education of 13,000 people through European Leadership Conferences and European Seven Day ODP Workshops.

Western Europe 40 € per family

Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Greece 30 € per family

Eastern Europe 15 € per family

Balkan Regions 5 € per family

Please ask families to prepare their donation to be given at a formal ceremony during a Sunday Service. It is vitally important that Community Leaders help their members to offer this donation by making this a special occasion and deeply connecting to the internal meaning of uniting as a European Family through this Jung Song Condition.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office 

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