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Human Rights -- Protection of the Un-empowered and Dispossessed

Yong Cheol Song
May 5, 2012

ELC, London, Houses of Parliament, 15. -- 16. June 2012

In June we will be in London at the Parliament and the Royal National Hotel addressing the theme –Human Rights- Protection of the Un-empowered and Dispossessed.

If you have possible Speakers for sessions in London – please let us know immediately.

Here is an invitation letter.


As stated in the invitation letters conference fees for those staying the standard term (two nights) in the conference hotel will be 320 Euros – there will be extra charges for single rooms and additional nights (please check with us).

We will look for possible cheaper accommodation for staff and youth – this will not be suitable for guests/AfPs – please let us know if you prefer this option when you register.

Those UK participants not requiring hotel accommodation should register through UPF UK.


We attach a registration form with which you can collect information from your guests.

However we ask that you:

Register all participants on line at the link above completing all relevant information

Send a photo and CV or brief biographical information to the European Office


It is best if those attending contribute to their participation financially. However, you may help support your participants locally or nationally if necessary. You can also discuss with the European Office regarding sponsorship for National Level participants. 

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