The Words of the Song Family

Special guidance from Rev. Yong Cheol Song

December 22, 2011


Special Jeong Seong Period 15th December to 23rd January 2012

Special guidance from Rev. Song on important events in Korea and the global providence

Please convey as quickly and as fully and deeply as possible to all members

Dear European National and City/Community Leaders,

As you know, since December 15th we have been embarked upon a special Jeong Song condition for the forty days leading up to True Parents' Birthday in 2012. In view of unfolding events in North Korea and around the world, Rev. Song felt strongly that European brothers and sisters needed some further guidance and inspiration to give deeper meaning and focus to this condition and this morning he asked us to pass this on to you all with a view to your conveying the important message that it conveys our entire European membership.

Rev. and Mrs. Song's desire is to help all brothers and sisters throughout Europe connect as deeply as possible to the heart and spirit of True Parents during this very turbulent, but extremely special and meaningful time leading up to True Parents Birthday on January 23rd 2012 by the lunar calendar.

As you know, one of the few remaining responsibilities that True Parents have left to fulfill on this earth is to ensure the peaceful reunification of The Korean Peninsula as one nation under God and True Parents. In so doing, of course, they will be opening the way for their own families and tribes, so long and so cruelly divided by the 38th parallel, to be reunited and they will be able to return to their home town to liberate and bless those same family members.

We are sure that you will all be aware of many significant developments in recent days and weeks that are clearly preparatory to the Providence being fulfilled in this way.

Recently and in a direct reversal of recent policy, the South Korean government permitted a shipment of some 600 tons of food aid from our Ambassadors for Peace network there and designated for distribution in True Parents' home town area, to pass through the border with the North accompanied by government officials. North Korea gratefully accepted this shipment and ensured that it was delivered in accordance with the donors' wishes.

Shortly afterwards and at True Father's direction, our International President Hyung Jin Nim travelled to North Korea to mark the 20th anniversary of True Parents' historic meeting with Kim Il Sung there in 1991. As you know, True Father went to that meeting with a heart of total forgiveness for all the atrocities committed against him and his family by Kim Il Sung and his regime, which included the murder of most of his family members, his own incarceration in the death camp at Heung Nam, innumerable assassination attempts against True Father as the declared "public enemy number one" of North Korea and much else besides. Instead of bearing resentment Father brought beautiful gifts and offered great assistance and economic cooperation to "The Great Leader".

True Father so deeply moved Kim Il Sung's heart and that of his whole family at that time that they have seen him ever since as the hope of Korea and the only person in the international community that they can really trust. It was on this foundation of heart that Kim Il Sung's son and successor, Chairman Kim Jung-il, arranged for every aspect of Hyung Jin Nim's visit. He insisted that Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim not stay in a hotel but instead made available the "National Guest House" reserved for visiting heads of state. He made the government's entire fleet of VIP limousines available to the visiting party. In a 7 day visit Hyung Jin Nim not only visited Father's birthplace of Jungju and Mother's in Anju but also met with North Korea's Parliamentary Head, Kim Yong Nam, the nation's then number 3 leader who has since become the number 2.

Then, as you know, yesterday the news emerged that Chairman Kim Jung-il in fact died on Saturday 17th December due to a heart problem just before Hyung Jin Nim left North Korea.

Clearly, this and all of the above events have deep Providential meaning and significance After receiving the news of Kim Jung Il's passing, True Parents set special Jeong Seong conditions in the USA and asked Hyung Jin Nim to return to Korea on 21st December.

Even before the news broke, True Parents had asked all Korean Church Leaders to gather in Chung Pyung to make a special ten day condition from 19th December. In addition Japanese leaders also gathered in Japan to set special conditions over the same period which happens to coincide directly with the period of official mourning for Chairman Kim Jung-il that has since been announced.

Kim Jung-il's death has created renewed instability and uncertainty on the Korean Peninsula which only adds to the sense of crisis and instability in the world at large created by the Arab Spring, protests against the unfair elections in Russia, unrest in China caused by violations of human rights and the lack of transparent political process and the threat of global economic breakdown posed by the Eurozone crisis here in Europe.

True Parents' response to all these developments is to be more serious than ever before. They see the possibility of unprecedented Providential breakthroughs in Korea and are determined to seize victory for Heaven. True Father mentions in his proclamation speech during the Cosmic Assembly events that:

"Korea will now become God's homeland and hometown. Declaring that Korea is God's homeland, the "World Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self" was completed in Korea on July 8, and again in ceremonies in the United States, representing Christianity, the second Israel, and in Jerusalem. Through these proclamation ceremonies, all the borderlines in the entire cosmos have been abolished. Consequently, centering on God, heaven and earth shall exist eternally, night and day, under God's reign and with the support of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

As you are all aware True Parents made very strong Hoon Dok Hae conditions during their recent time in Korea and travelled extensively to places there representing all parts of the nation (West, East, North and South) including remote island locations. 

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