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True Parents in Europe -- letter of appreciation from - Yong Cheon Song

May 20, 2011
Unification Church – Europe
04.18 (20th May 2011)

Sent to National and Community Leaders
True Parents’ European Tour -- Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude

Dear European Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday we waved goodbye to our True Parents and their family as they continued to Las Vegas to complete this first portion of their World Tour 2011. Without any doubt our True Parents were deeply moved by the devotion and commitment of you, our European Family Members.

As you are well aware this effort is truly at the risk of life on behalf of True Father. Yesterday morning at Hoon Dok Hae with some 500 European members in Berlin, he spoke of his deep heart of sadness as he feels the distance from God of the people of Europe and his total commitment to pass God’s love and word such that his whole suit was drenched with sweat after his Founder’s Address to the amazing 2,600 audience at the Tempodrom in Berlin.

Two nights previously in preparation he had spoken all through the night and then immediately conducted Hoon Dok Hae for an additional three hours from 5:00 am.

Our seriousness to respond to True Father’s requests during this Tour, even though to any ordinary mind they were beyond what is reasonable, was a very important condition of hyo seong (filial devotion). We are striving to become the children of earthly harmony centering on the Parents of heavenly heart. True Parents’ heart for God and Humanity is not reasonable it is absolute and we had to go beyond our concepts and find a new level of heart. It was your love and devotion to True Parents that enabled our European Movement to rise to each and every occasion and turn an insufficient offering into a victory.

I can only tell you that I am so proud of you all, so grateful to you all and also confident that the grace of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind will now flow into the European providence such that, if we have a heart resembling God, to give without counting the cost, we will bring the revolutionary change that our True Father has predicted for Europe.

I am well aware that those of you who donated quickly and in some cases far beyond the suggested donation, or who came at just a few hours notice to Rome or Oslo or Athens did so at great personal sacrifice. That is your great merit and honor in front of God- you made an offering in unity with True Parents!

True Parents never stop or slow the pace. We have experienced that directly during this European Tour. There is no time to be exhausted -- each hour is so precious! As I write to you now I am on my way to Stockholm because the Little Angels Tour moves on from Berlin to Stockholm, Oslo, Rome and Copenhagen. In Germany the Little Angels opened doors and hearts that have been long closed. We had letters of welcome from the current German President, the current Mayor of Berlin and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

At the same time we are moving ahead with our ambitious European Leadership Conference program. It was the ELC in Oslo that played a key role in initially attracting our True Parents to proceed from Korea to Europe for this first part of their World Tour. Now we will hold an ELC in Korea from 7-10 June and among our participants will be a current Head of State who we will bring to True Parents. Then on July 1st we will hold another ELC at the UN in Vienna. These significant events are happening so fast now. Two months after our ground breaking March ELC in Geneva we were able to bring our True Parents themselves to speak in the UN in Geneva. They were so comforted to be received in Europe, especially to deliver their precious Proclamation in the Parliament in London and in the UN in Geneva.

Dear Brothers and Sisters please summon up all your love for True Parents and turn it into your devotion to providence and determination that Europe will play a decisive role. They need your ongoing offering to continue beyond the reasonable towards an offering of true love that becomes a partner of resemblance to God and brings Him down on earth.

Our current Cheong Seong condition continues to 1st June and True Day of All Things on June 2nd (1st day of the 5th Month in the Heavenly Calendar).

Please continue to do your utmost to pray and complete your offering – the fruits that result will be our pride and joy.

May God bless you and speak to your hearts,

Yours sincerely,

Yong Cheon Song *

* True Father gave me a new name during our time in Switzerland – it expresses his hopes and prayers for the significant role that Europe can play in the global providence – it is a promise of great blessings and progress. It is given to me as a representative person – it has a meaning for you and all Europe. 

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