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True Parents to visit Europe from 25th April to 19th May 2011

Yong Cheol Song
April 19, 2011

Announcement Sent to all Nations and Cities/Communities...

True Parents to visit Europe from 25th April to 19th May 2011
7th European 40 Day Cheong Seong Condition under the Heavenly Calendar
Saturday 23 April to Wednesday 1 June 2011

Dear National and Community Leaders,

Please urgently distribute the announcement of True Parents 'European Tour and the 7th Cheong Seong Condition (attached and copied below) to your members.

This dramatic news is incredibly exciting and we want all our members to feel that it is a result of their dedication and a great blessing for Europe.

At the same time, as you can imagine, we will need to cover advance expenses associated with True Parents' visit in the next few days. In order to do this we will need your immediate help. We ask that wherever possible each nation and community/city can already transfer money to the European Office which will later be replaced by your members' donations.

Please encourage all your members to offer all or part of the donation as soon as possible.

Thank you for your constant support especially in this exciting time!

Here is the schedule.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office

Here is President Song's letter to all members:

Dear European Blessed Families and Members,

True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim are now in Las Vegas having left Korea on 11th April. On 15th April True Mother called me directly and asked about the European Leadership Conference in Oslo at the end of April, expressing that True Parents are interested to visit and to give a public speech in several European nations. We immediately began working on proposals to respond to True Parent's request and over this weekend have been having constant discussions.

On this Sunday morning at Hoon Dok Hae True Father directed that he must begin this World Tour in Korea, God's Homeland, with the opening speech of the Tour on 24 April, Easter Sunday.

From Korea True Parents will immediately take the Tour to Spain arriving already on 25 April -- this having the meaning (as Father explained in Hoon Dok Hae) of coming from the East to the West. From there Father indicated he must go to the South and then to the North -- these being represented by Italy and Norway. In addition to these nations True Parents will also visit Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and conclude their European Tour with a 'Grand Finale' in Berlin on 18 May, the day after the opening performance of the Little Angels European Tour in the Tempodom, Berlin.

True Mother and Hyung Jin Nim are of course concerned that True Father does not place himself under too much physical stress, but True Father is once again putting his life on the line to express the heart of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to bring salvation to all Humanity. As a result the schedule for the Tour is very intense and True Mother asked that we respond with our full hyo seong (filial devotion) by ensuring that all True Father's public speech events are totally full and completely successful, so that Father can conclude each event quickly and with a completely satisfied heart. Hyung Jin Nim indicated that we should know that this is surely the last time that True Father will make such a public speaking tour in Europe and that we should attend with all our heart, soul and resources during this period.

I want you all to feel great pride and excitement knowing that Europe is the first Region to receive this Tour and that this is in response to the sincere Jeong Seong you have been offering through your prayers and providential activities.

This Tour will bring huge grace to Europe and open the time of revolutionary change that True Father has prophesied. Through recent events at the World Council of Churches and the U.N. in Geneva I believe that True Parents have felt that the atmosphere in Europe is transforming and ready to welcome them.

There is much to do and time is almost unbelievably short, but we should be confident that great victories are prepared. Let's all consider Europe as one nation and this visit as something for which we all feel directly responsible. What a great privilege it is to find ourselves once again the first to attend the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on behalf of our continent. Please be ready to be mobilized along with your Ambassadors for Peace and guests to True Father's speeches in Europe and to support directly as staff for the events as well as through your prayers and donations.

Now is the time to all be united in completing the 6th European Jeong Seong Condition (which finishes on Friday 22 April) and in beginning the 7th Condition from Saturday 23 April to 1 June which covers the entire period of True Parents' visit and concludes just before the Day of All True Things on 2nd June (1st day of the 5th month of Cheongi 2).

On receiving confirmation of True Parents' Tour in Europe, I contacted Dae Mo Nim and she agreed to postpone her visit to Europe until later in the year (sometime around September). This enables us to focus all our resources on True Parents' visit. Please pray for their health and safety during this tour and that each event can be a substantial expression of the Prague Resolution with which we began Cheongi Year two as children of earthly harmony centering on the Parents of Heavenly heart. Attached is a schedule for True Parents' Tour in Europe (and an updated European Providential Calendar for 2011). Please place this and the Prague Resolution at the center of your prayers and efforts during the coming 40 days.

We are so blessed by God and True Parents let's pass that blessing to all of Europe,

Yong Cheol Song
President FFWPU Europe

Conditional Offering 7th European Cheong Seong Condition
under the Heavenly Calendar Monday 14 March to Friday 22 April 2011

1. Daily prayer -- Begin your morning devotions by mentioning the Cheongi date, offering Kyongbae to Cheonji-in Chambumonim and reciting Family Pledge and the Prague Resolution.

Please challenge to pray 8 times a day, as suggested by our International President Hyung Jin Nim when he was in Europe last year– or alternatively offer a condition of 40 bows each day.

2. Hoon Dok Hae -- all members to hold Hoon Dok Hae each day centering on the Eight Textbooks.

3. Jeong Seong Donation (dedicated entirely to support True Parents' European Tour) -- your contributions will be a vital offering to successfully complete this last ever Speaking Tour by True Father. We do understand your situation, but ask that you donate as early as you possibly can so that we can prepare well (even a part donation early and the full amount later if that is the best you can do).

We have calculated the expected expenses and each family is asked to make their best effort to contribute the following amounts:

Western Europe 500 Euros per family
Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Greece 300 Euros per family
Eastern Europe 170 Euros per family
Balkan Regions 80 Euros per family

Special Offerings from materially blessed businesses and families: please consider offering additional support as an expression of your gratitude to God for your blessed situation.

We request that materially blessed businesses and families consider offering 1200 Euros, 4000 Euros or 10000 Euros.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office 

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