The Words of the Song Family

Rev. Song's meeting in Niigata

January 26, 2011
Unofficial Notes: Ethyl Hayakawa

Rev. Song, Japan National Messiah came to Niigata and had a meeting yesterday with the blessed families. These are my notes from the Japanese translations and just sharing to you what I have understood. Any mistakes are mine and my apologies.

Yesterday was Rev. Song's 69th birthday. Niigata blessed families presented him a cake and bouquet of flowers. Everyone greeted him with a happy birthday song while Rev. Song blew the candles and cut the cake.

Rev. Song:

Happy New Year everyone. This year is a new beginning for Niigata especially that the South Niigata and North Niigata have merged into one region.

Niigata is a prefecture of snow because everywhere we can see lots of snow during winter season. If we look at the name Niigata we read the Chinese characters as atarashi means new and gata means lagoon. Niigata is the new Pantanal. The land is wide, it has lots of water, lots of mountains around and has lots of snow.

When God comes to Niigata He should ride in a best car. What's the best car in Japan? Lexus? Then God should ride in Lexus car. Since I am also a son of God I also should ride in Lexus car. If you are the parent how would you take your children? You would let them have the best too, right? God's wish was to become a father. However, when men fell He could not become a father. Why? because He has no children. When Adam and Eve fell and ran away, could they become His children? No, they couldn't. God's greatest sorrow was when He couldn't become a father. Through out history God was seeking for His children. But, when He sent his son Jesus, mankind also killed him.

What is the blessing? Because of your receiving the blessing you have protected Japan from getting destroyed by the calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, etc. When we become the children of God, we can always receive His protection.

When I was in Kobe, the leader there showed me a video of the earthquake that hit the city. While the other buildings and houses had collapsed, our church was intact. The ground stopped to split up just yard from the entrance door. It's really amazing, if it had moved a little bit forward towards the church then it would had been destroyed too.

Another recent example was the house of one of our members. There was a big fire in his neighborhood. All the neighbor's houses were destroyed except the house of this church member. What was amazing was that his house was just a meter away from his neighbor, but the fire after consuming that house moved to another direction leaving the church member's house untouched, not even a bit. Who did it? It was God. God our father always protects us.

We are always receiving something from God, we must live a life of gratitude. We should be thankful when we are walking, when we are blinking our eyes, when we are eating, etc. We even have to be thankful after urinating. Why? Because if we can't urinate it will become a big trouble for our health. So be thankful that you have urinated.

We won't feel it when we are young, but when we get older, when we reach the age of 60 or 70 our body starts to slow down. So we have to take care of our health too. The best way to maintain a healthy life is to be joyful and grateful all the time. Appreciate every creation that God prepared for us. Like this flower (pointing to a flower), talk and greet the flower, express your gratitude for the beauty and fragrance it gives you. When we do that with a sincere heart we feel happy. The flower feels happy and God is also happy. When we are eating something, even if it was a discarded thing from a hotel, like broken egg, we must be happy we are eating it and say thank you to the egg. Say thank you to everything you see, touch, eat, etc. and be happy. When we are happy we become healthy.

Also when we get older our ears and eyes start to slow down, our muscles get stiff. Rev. Song then shared certain exercises to prevent them from becoming weak.

God loves Niigata. Why? Because Niigata produce lots of rice. God is very happy about that. We have to bring victory to God by bringing everyone to Him.

After the speech, there was three mansei. Then there was also picture taking of each couple or member with Rev. Song. During the picture taking, from time to time Rev. Song would stop for a moment to give an advice to a person, like he advice some sisters who kept their hair tide at the back or who were wearing their hair up to wear them down. He also told some sisters to put some hair on their forehead, like bangs. He also advice many to wear big round earrings. If they do all of these, they'll have more good luck, like lots of money will come to them or they don't get sick, etc. 

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