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Mother Nation title; Tree of All Things candle

Rev. Song
October 31, 2010

Sunday Service briefs
Fukuoka Church, Japan. 10.10.31

This is a brief summary, my own summary, with added comments, of the Sunday sermon contents (translated from Japanese, from my own notes). I wrote down some excerpts from the speech below. This is from the sermon of Rev. Song (spelling not sure), Japan's overall leader (like a Continental Director. He usually gives the prayer during the World Peace Blessing ceremonies. He spoke via the internet from the Toyama church.

On October 26, 2010, Father gave the title "Mother nation" to Japan. Most of us, including me think Japan is already the Eve or Mother Nation, but this title is actually conditional. Rev. Song said, as we have heard many times, God tried to leave Japan in the past. He can choose any nation as a Mother Nation. But from October 26, Japan's title as a Mother nation became secured, permanent.

In the afternoon, members who wish to, received the "Tree of All Things" candle. Japanese leaders received this [from True Father via Dae Mo Nim?]. It seems this candle has the same meaning as praying under the Tree of All things at Chung Pyung. The Tree of All things symbolizing "the material blessings coming from heaven..." (From the "Chung Pyung Providence" book). (Perhaps later the Tree of Love and Tree of Blessings candles will be created too?).

Looking at the Japanese members who were gathered to receive the candle (in a packed room) I was sort of jealous about their dedication to church activities. In contrast international members, except perhaps the Japanese who are blessed with international members, aren't so connected to Japan church activities. The blessings, heavenly fortune is most close to the church, although the heavenly fortune is upon us all. So we should connect to church activities as much as possible. This is of course, not just to receive blessings. This is like a Foundation of Substance. I think.

Some excerpt from Rev. Song's speech: 10.10.31, Toyama:
This represents the "spirit" of the message:

...On October 26, 2010, True Father said Japan can take responsibility as a Mother nation . Even though God did His 95% responsibility, 5% is man's responsibility. God's fortune tried to leave Japan many times...This is a big blessing. Japan became the Mother country.

2011, 2012, for two years, have absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience... and direct witnessing. 2010 is dispensationally important...

....Finally God created Adam and Eve and said, "You can eat all fruits except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." Adam and Eve fell. God lost His son and daughter. There are no children of God. God can't have authority as a Father, no authority as God. God became a quiet God, a sorrowful God.

....God is really waiting. He sent the Messiah, the Four Great Saints, but still this world is sinful. No saint came after Jesus because this is our homework.

...If Adam and Eve had accomplished their Portion of Responsibility, they would have become the house of God. But they fell so they became like beggars.

...Are you thinking only of your own family? More than your family, you should love God.

...When I see Goto san (Toru Goto), I bowed before him. He's a hero not only of Japan but also of the world, How, for 12 years.... If he denied he could have been released earlier. He became a saint.

...When we were babies, we stayed 10 months in the womb. On this earth we live 100 years. We need to be a true love king. Our goal in life is to become a saint.

From Dae Mo Nim's speech,
Oct. 28, 2010
From Yoshiura san's notes:

...If we did something wrong in the past, the memory remains. So Satan can accuse when we go to the Spirit World. But when we do the Holy Burning ceremony, sins disappears from our life record and Satan can't accuse us .

Dae Mo Nim came to Kumamoto, Western Japan and did the Holy Burning ceremony. 

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