The Words of the Song Family

European Leadership Conference

Yong Cheol Song
February 14 - 18, 2010
Seoul, Korea

On Sunday February 14th, the first day of the Lunar calendar, around 60 participants gathered at the Provista Hotel in central Seoul for an opening dinner in a unique European Leadership Conference (ELC) program. Until now all ELC programs have been held at various locations in Europe, but this was the first to be held outside the region. Another interesting aspect of the program was the make up of the participants; most of them came as couples to participate in the Blessing on February 17th at the Kintex Centre. They included members of Parliament from the Balkans region to a very spiritual couple from the United Kingdom and a member of the armed forces of the Netherlands. Also included were several newly matched couples.

The main program was held at a conference room in Chungshim Village, formerly known as Silvertown, in Chung Pyung. The ELC program was managed by Heiner Handschin with Fritz Piepenburg serving as the MC and lecture presentations given by Jack Corley. Being in the environment of Chung Pyung made a great impact on the spirit of the program. Between the lectures there was an opportunity to sight see around the campus. This experience left a deep impression on the participants, as they could see the substantial result of the ideals under discussion. During a visit to the hospital one couple experienced a distinct sense of healing as they entered the lobby and felt that anyone staying there could be cured of illness. Several were moved to see the tree in front of the Choon Jung Goon Palace, where Father tearfully prayed many years earlier. It helped them to get a sense of the history of our Movement and the visionary nature of True Father.

At the end of the ELC program we had a solemn and beautiful Holy Wine ceremony presided over by President and Mrs. Song. On the foundation of the ELC lectures and an explanation about the significance of the changing of the blood lineage, participants humbly gathered in front of the stage to receive the Holy Wine and a join in a special prayer by President Song.

For many of them the Blessing was the highlight of their visit to Korea. They were astounded to see thousands of young people committing themselves to a life of love in marriage and felt proud to be a part of the many thousands more rededicating their marriages anew. With representatives from so many nations taking part in the Blessing, the ELC participants could also sense that the Kingdom of Heaven, led by True Parents is emerging before their very eyes.

Here are a few reflections from some of the participants. These were written after the conference and before the Blessing.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to get to know the 'real' Unification Church and not what we read in the papers. I enjoyed the 'vibration' and 'feel' of the Cheongshim Village and its components -- a remarkable place. So beautiful! I belong to another spiritual organization and it was a joy to see so much in common. I pray that, some day, we all join together to create an unstoppable force for good and truth.
Steven Perry (UK)

The program has given me a good overview, how I can reach peace for myself, my family, my friends and the whole world. Despite some minor details, the conference was well organized and the visit to Cheongshim Village was very impressive.
Manfred Schik (Germany)

I am very much inspired and would like to take this further. I will definitely work to further the message and adoptions of peace. I will do this by working with children and young adults in my community and in addition, work with the parents in order to transmit this message of love and peace. We (my wife and I) really appreciate and thank you for having invited to this meeting -- it is a great honor for us.
Arun Pabari (Switzerland)

Since fifteen years I tell in my conference that Father Moon must receive the Nobel Prize for Peace for his life's work for peace in all the world.
Dr. Amir Bayati (Austria) 

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