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Ministry of Justice in Portugal Confirms Official Recognition of The Unification Church of Portugal

Yong Cheol Song
February , 2010
FFWPU- Europe

Dear European Leaders,

On 18th January 2010 the Portuguese Ministry of Justice gave formal notification that The Unification Church of Portugal was unanimously approved as a recognized Church by the Committee for Religious Freedom on 11th January 2010.

This is a great encouragement to all our Movement in Europe, the fruit of True Parents' victory and the many faithful years of attending God and His providence invested by our Portuguese membership. We offer them our heartfelt congratulations!

May they now be further empowered to testify and teach and may this be a sign of the liberation of God's Shim Jung in Portugal. We look forward to the next three years as a period of unprecedented growth and development with the support not only of these legal rights, but also of the saints and sages of Portuguese history.


President Yong Cheol Song
FFWPU Europe 

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