The Words of the Song Family

Welcoming True Parents Back to Europe

Yong Cheol Song
August 3, 2009
Macarena Hotel
Seville, Spain

It had been forty-four years since True Father was last in Spain -- on his 1965 world tour. In 1995, he had planned to deliver a message in Madrid, but True Parents were stopped at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on their way to Spain. Armando Lozano had to deliver True Father's message that day. True Father said at the time, "I'll come to Spain soon," but because of the Schengen listing he was not able to come for fourteen years.

This time there was no problem at all -- there were no delays or difficulties. This fulfilled our dream and great hope -- to have True Parents come to Europe after the Schengen problem was resolved.

True Parents came first to France and spent seven days in Monaco in preparation for the opening of the Peace Cup in Seville. Then they went to Baden-Baden in Germany for a day. Their coming to the Mediterranean Sea was connected to the Pacific Ocean providence. They blessed the Mediterranean Sea, which was the most prosperous area in early Christianity. That is why they spent seven days in Monaco and six in Barcelona -- both Mediterranean seaside cities.

I realized that True Parents are making a special providence -- their last providence. You've heard that True Parents have been going to Las Vegas in the United States. The time they spent in Europe was connected to that same providence.

We did not understand everything about their visit, so we had prepared for True Parents to visit beautiful mountain areas among other places, but the providence was not that way this time. On their arrival in Monaco, True Father immediately started Hoon Dok Hae. He spoke strongly, scolding us several times. He explained to us that he is carrying out an internal providence. On many days, he did not sleep until four or five o'clock and then proceeded immediately to Hoon Dok Hae.

The Peace Cup's Deeper Meaning

For Father the Peace Cup is not an ordinary football competition -- it stands on a twenty-one-year foundation beginning with the 1988 Seoul Olympics. For Father the Peace Cup is connected to absolute sexual morality and the bloodline. A round ball represents the union of sperm and egg -- Adam and Eve, man and woman -- coming together. Adam and Eve never met in the way God had intended them to; so Cain and Abel, their children, clashed. The Peace Cup is deeply connected to reversing this original problem, which is why the round ball represents sexual union.

Father did not come to Europe just to watch football. True Father wants the whole world to understand the time we are living in, and understand his vision and teachings. He is going to the bottom of hell -- to the dirtiest places -- loving others until the last moment, to liberate and to rescue humanity. This is the reason for his visits to Las Vegas in the U.S. and in Europe, Monaco -- places associated with gambling, crime and corruption.

True Father was not scheduled to give a speech on July 23 in Seville. He had come to cut a ribbon to open an art exhibition. Prominent people were there from Malaga and Seville along with the players competing in the Peace Cup. Father said he wanted to speak to the assembled dignitaries. He spoke for two hours about absolute sexual morality, lineage and the blessing -- all related to the internal significance of the Peace Cup. For those present it was not easy to understand the relevance and the professional translator could not translate the concepts, but True Father was able to speak about the deep internal purpose of the Peace Cup before it began the next day.

At the end of July, True Father called Rev. Kwak suddenly from Barcelona. "You have to prepare a big rally on August 1," he said, "and invite many prominent people, so that I can deliver a message." There were only three days to prepare.

I had worried very much about the August 1 event, because True Father's intention was not to just watch the Peace Cup and give the prize to the winner; it was to declare the new era of God's kingship to Europe and the world before the Peace Cup final.

True Father could hardly sleep and he was making serious conditions to come to Seville to deliver the message. He mobilized the most senior Korean leaders to come to

Europe and attend. They had come to see the opening of the Peace Cup and then returned to Korea. They were asked to fly back. They regretted they had not realized True Father's desire and had left without asking Father if they should stay.

In fact, the August 1 event was truly a great success. The room was full; the atmosphere was high, and Father freely delivered his message. Father was very happy.

The event in Seville was connected to the publication of Father's memoirs. Those [non-members] who have read this book have had their concepts totally changed. Korean UPF chairman Dr. Sun-jo Hwang is visiting each city in Korea to launch the book with the support of ambassadors for peace who speak to the audiences. By 2012, Father would like every family in the world to have this book and to read it.

August 1 was significant as a global-level event related to the beginning of the Parent UN (not simply the Abel UN). Father reminded us that the successful Global Peace Tour here in Europe was the preparation for the "Parent UN" that was launched in Europe by this August 1 event. 

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