The Words of the Song Family

Report on True Parents’ visit to Europe

Yong Cheol Song
August 3, 2009
Macarena Hotel
Seville, Spain

True Parents left Europe this morning at 9:30 and are heading for USA for 10 days and then back to Korea.

They are very, very happy and they appreciate all the European family members' great work. Truly we had a wonderful time if we think of God's Providence (Cheon Il Guk's 9 years, and True Father's life and accomplishments, and his age of 90 years old), and now we are here in Seville being with True Parents and participating in the most important event.

True Father said, “I’m not just making an event”. The purpose of the Peace Cup was for this 1st August event to take place.

Many of you made a great effort to come here and join to support this event. For True Parents to return to Seville for the 1st August event and the Peace Cup Final they prepared for seven days. True Father was very serious, more then ever before -- he invested himself so much. Three days before the event took place suddenly True Father called Rev. Kwak to give the direction for the 1st August event to be held. He was not relaxed at all but was totally investing himself.

Myself and True Parents staff could hardly cope with True Father’s level of seriousness. We were constantly conveying True Father's messages to Rev. Kwak back and forth so many times, on and on! True Father almost could not sleep and he was making such serious conditions to come to Seville to deliver the message. He mobilized the most senior Korean leaders to come to Europe and attend. They had come to see the Opening of the Peace Cup and then returned back to Korea. They were called to fly back again and regretted that they did not realize True Father's desire, or that they left without asking True Father if they should remain.

2009 is the 9th. year of CIG -- this means we have entered the Completion stage of this 12 year period -- there are three more years to go (to 2013) and I am very glad that Europe welcomed True Parents in this period. It is 44 years since True Father was last in Spain on his 1965 world tour. In 1995 he had planned to deliver his message in Madrid, but True Parents were arrested at Paris Airport on their journey to Spain. So Armando Lozano had to deliver True Father's message. And True Father said, “I'll come to Spain soon”, but because of the Schengen listing he could not able to come for 14 years.

So, this time True Parents came first to France and spent 7 days in Monaco in preparation for the Peace Cup Opening in Seville. Then they went to Baden-Baden in Germany for 1 day. This was their 10th visit to Germany -- then to Barcelona for 6 days. So Father and Mother could realize that they are totally free to enter and travel in Europe. This time there was NO PROBLEM at all -- there were no delays or difficulties. So this was our dream and great hope -- after the Schengen problem to have True Parents come to Europe.

True Father was so happy that he is free to travel everywhere in Europe. This was an expression of total liberation and freedom after the coming of heaven. They came to Europe to the Mediterranean Sea to connected with the providence of the Pacific Ocean and also bless the Mediterranean Sea, which was the most prosperous area in early Christianity. That is why they spent time in Monaco (7 days) and also Barcelona (6 days) -- both Mediterranean seaside cities. I also realized that True Parents are making a special Providence -- their last providence. You heard that True Parents are now going to USA and Las Vegas -- this time they spent in Europe was connected to that same providence.

We did not understand everything fully enough about their visit, so we had prepared for True Parents to visit beautiful mountains and places in Europe, but the Providence was not that way this time. On arrival in Monaco True Father started Hoon Dok Hae right away and he was very strong, scolding us several times. He explained to us that he is carrying out an internal Providence. Many days he did not sleep until 4 or 5 o'clock and then proceeded immediately to Hoon Dok Hae.

For Father the Peace Cup is not an ordinary football competition -- it stands on the foundation of 21 years preparation from the time of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. For Father the Peace Cup is connected to absolute sexual morality and blood lineage. The ‘round ball’ represents the union of sperm and egg -- Adam and Eve, man and woman meeting together. Adam and Eve never met in the way that God had intended and so their children Cain and Abel were in conflict. The Peace Cup is deeply connected to restoring this original problem as the round ball represents sexual union. The 1st August event included many elements in the original Korean title of the event given by True Father -- lasting world peace and the Peace UN and also the Peace Cup, round ball sports tournaments and Cain-Abel unity for cosmic peace.

Father coming to Seville was not just to watch the football. Rather True Father wanted to let the whole world understand the time we are living in, and understand his vision and teaching. True Father is going to the hell of hells -- to the dirtiest places -- loving until the last moment, to liberate and to rescue humanity. This is the reason for his visits to Las Vegas and in Europe to Monaco -- places associated with gambling, crime and corruption.

On July 23rd in Seville it was not planned that True Father would deliver a speech, but that he would cut the ribbon to open the ”Shimjung Art Exhibition” and VIPs from Málaga, Sevilla, and the Peace Cup Teams were to be there! Father directed that he wanted to speak to the assembled dignitaries. In fact he spoke for 2 hours about absolute sexual morality, blood lineage and the Blessing -- related to the internal meaning of the Peace Cup. However for those present it was not easy to understand the relevance and the professional translator could not translate the content. However True Father was able to announce the Peace Cup in accordance with the deep internal purpose before it began the next day.

Suddenly, at the end of July True Father called Rev. Kwak from Barcelona: “You have to prepare a big rally, invite many VIPs so that I can deliver the message on August 1st”. So there were only 3 days to prepare! There was not even an invitation letter ready. Day by day Father was pushing me! Since the day of my birth until now I never had such a hard time!! Yesterday I told Rev. Kwak, “Now I understand how it is for you!”, and he replied, “Didn't you know? That is just the beginning!” True Father has such high expectations! So many times I had to receive a hard time from True Father and meet his expectation.

So, I worried so much about the event on August 1st because True Father’s intention was to not just to watch the Peace Cup and give the prize to the winner, but to declare the new era of God’s kingship to Europe and the world (the internal meaning of this providence) particularly before the final of the Peace Cup. However, the 1st August event was truly a great success and after the event Father was so happy. The room was full, the atmosphere was high, and Father delivered the message freely. All of you were the people who made it possible -- thank you!

The worldwide event in Seville also connects to the publication of True Father’s autobiography. Those who have read this book have had their concepts totally changed. Rev Hwang is visiting each city in Korea to launch the autobiography with the support of Ambassadors for Peace who speak to the audience. Father would like each family in the world to have this book and to read it. Until 2012 this Providence should be carried out. People have to get the book and read it all over the world.

August 1st also had significance as a global worldwide event for the “Parent UN” (not just the Abel UN) to start. Father reminded us that the successful Global Peace Tour here in Europe was the preparation for the “Parent UN” to be launched in Europe by this 1st August event.

Father continues to head the Providence and one key element is the “round ball providence”. Father asked us which top soccer teams can come to Korea on August 15th and October 14th 2009. He plans an Olympic Festival and Blessing Ceremony in October. He asked us this again and again. He wants to bring top soccer clubs to Korea.

On August 15th teams from Korea and Brazil, will represent East and South and Russia and Europe - North and West. August 15th is the anniversary of the liberation of Korea. We have just two weeks and we need one European team to go to Korea. We have to make it and truly to unite with this Providence! Some 2nd generation form Europe will form a European Team representing the 4 European Providential nations and attend the 15h August tournament.

Thank you all so much! Europe received a great blessing. For the next 4 years the major focus is to carry out the Cheon Il Guk providence. The providential nations should work together.

Barcelona received much blessing this time. True Father said that Barcelona is the Abel-type city in Europe and he regretted that he did not come to Barcelona before. He realized that Barcelona is an important city for the providence of the Mediterranean Sea. The Providence came to Europe -- to the Mediterranean -- to Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, and Seville. This is the foundation to make a new Europe. Due to the failure of Christianity this area now has ‘sin cities’, dirty money, gambling, sex and corruption. Father was making serious conditions till the last moment to restore these problems.

So Father sees that Europe can revive and make a new beginning. Father stayed in many places and worked day and night. Yesterday after the final game, he said in the car, “It is a great victory”.

Now the Peace Cup becomes a world brand. Not so many people were at the last football match (it would have been more if Real Madrid were in the final) but there were so many watching in the wider world via TV and internet etc.

Yesterday was Juventus vs Astor Villa at the final. Father did not say which he favored. However Astor Villa now said that they are interested to host the next Peace Cup!! True Parent's great work should become fruitful throughout Europe.

Actually we could have organized a European Leadership Conference this time in Seville at the time of Peace Cup, so that many top VIPs could have attended this import event and listened to Father’s speech. Father's role is to meet the key people in sports, politics, etc. to deliver the providential message. We learned a lesson this time. We have to mobilize top VIPs for the events with True Parents next time. Although I received such a hard time, I realized this is God and True Parents’ love for Europe -- great love and great blessing. Father thinks that Europe can do great work for the Cheon Il Guk final providence to be totally successful. Thank you for your jung sung and full support for the coming of True Parents to Europe. With your financial contribution we could be able to attend True Parents successfully. Let’s celebrate our great victory and share our joy and happiness together. God bless you and your family, community and nation.

Report from Italy about the Peace Cup and its impact on the nation
Giuseppe Calì

We just came back from Seville, but still the feelings and mind are connected to the experience we had there.

First of all, sharing with True Parents that precious providential time was to everyone incredibly meaningful. Each of us could see, once again, the intensity of Father’s commitment and the absolute determination he has to fulfill his mission. From the testimony of President Song we realized also how difficult is to stay side by side with Father and share the same spiritual and physical effort. Each of True Parents’ actions reveals how crucial and urgent is the time we are living in and how each day can be a challenge to advance the providential history one step ahead and should not be missed. I’m grateful to President Song to have made this precious foundation in attending True Parents on behalf of all European brothers and sisters.

Second, about the tournament itself, I’m quite confident to say that it was the activity that absolutely had the highest impact in the media, ever. Soccer became one of the world most successful “religion”, with millions of followers that every Sunday wait for the “blessing or curse” that comes from the game’s result. The intensity of their passion is hardly matched by the people attending religious services. Father realized that such an energy should be re-addressed providentially, in the direction of world peace. Sport is, anyway an original world activity and a tool to improve the human being’s character. When God will be able to enter in it, how beautiful it will become, especially for young people, to invest their energy in a healthy way, to form a divine character in themselves!

The media coverage in Italy was amazing. Everyday TV sport news reported the images and results of the Peace Cup, on several channels. The biggest newspaper in Italy is “Gazzetta dello Sport” that reported sometime with double full color pages their comments and evaluations on the Peace Cup, of course especially referring to the Italian Juventus team.

What is noticeable is that, at beginning, all those media reported clearly and without any negative comment, that the tournament was founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder also of the Unification Church. Even the Juventus directly managed media (magazines, web sites, newspapers), reported it without any problem. Generally, all those media tools agreed in defining the Peace Cup as ‘the most important summer tournament’.

After a few days, the national TV channels still report comments about the Peace Cup. There was an interview with the Juventus coach at the airport, coming back from Seville. He apologized to the Italian supporters for not having won the cup: “We really went there to win it, but, even we could play quite well and we had good chances, we couldn’t make it. Sorry for it!” I have to remind you that the Juventus team is one of the three most successful Italian teams, one of the best in the world and the team that has the highest number of followers in Italy. Of course, from our point of view, we know that there were clear providential reasons, much beyond the sport itself, for the Aston Villa team to win, but the media cannot report, at least at this stage, about it.

In my opinion, we should not be too sad about the lack of participation in the final game at the stadium. Spanish people (as the Italians) are very much connected to their own teams and we could expect them not to have much interest in two foreign teams. The media coverage and the level of the competition was more than enough to create a complete success anyway.

Next time it could be an idea to promote special packages for the foreigner supporters to attend all the tournament until the end. In Italy it was very difficult to know how to attend the games and many people called me for information, even though I didn’t know much myself. With a little more advertising in the other countries outside of Spain, we could have filled up the stadium. (i.e. “Come to support your team and world peace together” -- wonderful sightseeing to spend your vacation in the most meaningful way… and so on).

One more point I’d like to report. With such a level of media coverage, we could not take proper advantage of the situation. I was really sad for not being able to have Ambassadors for Peace at Father’ speech, even we tried. It was clearly too late and, in my opinion, we cannot just simply say that we should be able to react quickly when Father calls. We did it, but we cannot expect people deciding in just half a day to go to another country, leaving all previous engagements. It is not even good for Father’s image.

My suggestion is that next time, we could organize a conference on the topic of “Sport and Peace” connected to the Peace Cup and invite the directors of the participating teams and the Ambassadors for Peace. This is the way we could help Father and support his effort to create an Abel type sport. This conference should be organized by the Peace Dream Foundation, otherwise why do they call themselves “Peace Dream”? Why we call it the “Peace Cup”, if it is just sport? There must be some providential activity, where even UPF could be a co-sponsor. This time Father took the initiative to create the spiritual foundation, but I really hope that next time we will be able to do it and offer it to True Parents.

I’m very grateful for the wonderful time spent in Seville together with True Parents, and especially for the incredible impact that this activity had in Italy, raising the image of our movement to unprecedented levels. Many Ambassadors for Peace called me expressing their appreciation and all of them followed proudly the event.

Once again we have to thank God and True Parents, but also all the brothers and sisters that made such an effort in organizing the most successful event up to date.

Giuseppe Calì
Rome, August 10th 2009 

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