The Words of the Song Family

27th European Cheon Song Condition - 25th March to 3rd May 2007

Yong Cheol Song
March 22, 2007

1. The German court hearing is fixed for 19th April. I am asking that all nations (or sub-Regions) organize a special 21 day condition of chain fasting and prayer from 30th March to 19th April. (Please report your plan to the European Office.)

2. I am also asking that every family regard the payment of this 27th Cheon Song money offering as a vital element in fulfilling the necessary condition to win the victory.

This year our True Parents should be welcomed in Germany without fail. We would like to welcome them in our European Training Centre in Camberg, the place that True Father has referred to as ‘Come Back’ and which has such providential significance for all of Europe. In recent years our German Movement has, with great effort, raised a large investment to restore Camberg. However further investment is needed to complete the work.

The Otocec Resolution
March 11th 2007

Eog Mansei for the Sacred Era of Peace in Cheon Il Guk, the Realm of Cosmic Peace

In 2007 we will build on the victory made by Three Generations of the True Family and Ambassadors for Peace through the Five World Tours.

We resolve to:

1. Welcome and Honor True Parents in Europe by:

a. Deepening our cheon song foundation
b. Winning complete freedom for True Parents to travel in Europe, by having the German Government remove them from the Schengen List
c. Transforming True Parents’ image into one of appreciation for their outstanding contribution to World Peace
d. Working towards True Parents receiving the Nobel Peace Prize by 2010

2. Develop our Tribal and Community outreach through:

a. Making our New Beginning as Blessed Families substantial by actively living for others
b. Developing, as families and local communities, our Ambassadors for Peace foundation
c. Giving the Peace Messages and World Peace Blessing so that our clan and community become one family under God

3. Develop the Universal Peace Federation as the Abel United Nations by:

a. Appointing 30 Ambassadors of Peace for each European Parliamentarian
b. Bringing 1200 national level Ambassadors of Peace to European Educational programs
c. Establishing National Peace Councils of 120 prominent Ambassadors for Peace, who actively promote UPF’s core goals and principles

4. Contribute to world peace through:

a. Developing the Balkan Peace Initiative
b. Supporting the Middle East Peace Initiative

5. Supporting True Children and the youth of the Unification Movement by:

a. Strengthening and developing a positive leadership culture from high school to university graduate level, through providing the best internal education and training
b. Building successful outreach programs based on key issues that are relevant in society
c. Appointing Youth Ambassadors for Peace
d. Preparing candidates for the Intercultural Exchange Marriage Blessing

6. Develop the Human and Financial Resources of our European Movement by:

a. Establishing successful ways to raise financial resources
b. Providing educational programs to inspire public commitment and effective leadership
c. Developing a core leadership and staff group in each nation which can meet the demands of the providence

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