The Words of the Song Family

Finnish Pure Love Workshop

Hwa Jin Song
December 11, 2006

This workshop was initiated by the Parent's in Finland. We pure love ambassadors (Jeong Sin Kim and Hwa Jin Song) were invited as lecturers, with 27 2nd Gen and 3 parents we spent precious time as the "1st Pure Love Workshop in Finland," from the 11th – 12th of November.

Besides 3 pure love lectures about pure love, lineage and practical guidance there were many other programs; welcoming remarks from the national leader, team activities (how to build a Pure Love culture?), out door sports with snows, question and answer time within a warm atmosphere, Sunday service with parents and a Pure Love Ceremony with pure love pledge. Each program was similar in content to the European Pure Love Workshop.

From the beginning to end, there was really a family atmosphere. The Father of 3 daughter-participants was MC, and two Mothers cooked very nice food for us. Everyone knew each other well, it was really a good and natural atmosphere. Just like 4 realms of heart, I could feel Parental love, Children’s love, Siblings’ love during this workshop, and the Pure Love Workshop was for our future spouse!

Most of all, I was happy to answer questions from the young 2nd Generation. I could feel love and trust between Finnish young brothers and sisters and those Korean elder sisters. I know our answers are not always perfect, but we need to share our concern and interest as 2nd Gen. The Pure Love Ceremony was also nice, and now we are expecting the Ring Ceremony on a national level later.

After this workshop, I realized how important that we are together as 2nd Gen. I attended several workshops before, but through this local level workshop I felt that strongly. I determined myself again to be an elder sister, to love and care for the young 2nd Gen. I feel very grateful, I learnt a lot through the parents of Finland as well as how to manage family life and what it is to be parents.

I would like to continue this spiritual connection with Finland, and if I have a chance to visit other countries for a Pure Love Workshop it will be my great honor! Thank you for Heavenly parents, parents in Finland and Finnish 2nd Gen.

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