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Request For Special Prayer For True Mother's Dutch Immigration Case

Yong Cheol Song
July 5, 2006

Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 5:13 PM
Subject: Letter to all European brothers and sisters

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from London! I hope you received my recent update letter on various aspects of the Schengen matter. Thank you for your great help and support on this still pressing issue. We continue to work on many aspects of it, including within Germany itself. Also we still do not have a result from Austria, so please keep praying for victory there and for Mrs. Liese Prokop the Interior Minister.

My main purpose in writing to you today is to ask for your special prayer for Holland and the outcome of the Dutch case. This is especially important because, as you know, Holland is scheduled to receive a visit from True Mother on the basis that we felt sure we could win another exception this time. We still can, but it has been anything but straightforward and the result remains in doubt.

The latest situation is as follows. The judge ordered the Immigration Minister to make a decision in our case, something she had refused to do believing that this was a clever way of preventing the court from reprimanding her or forcing her to comply with our wishes. She duly made a negative decision and we appealed this. However, as it stands, the court hearing will only be on July 13th - only one day before the actual event is due to be held in Den Haag.

From our point of view this is quite unacceptable. It means that there may well not be an actual decision in the case before the event is due to be held. Even if there were to be a decision (and a positive one from our viewpoint), there would probably not be time for the event to be held as planned and with True Mother present. There can be no postponement as the tour schedule is already set for Africa after Europe.

We therefore need somehow to win an earlier hearing. From an external point of view the chances of that look slim because what we already got is a "quickie" or "expedited" hearing. Our lawyers felt they had done all they could. Today, however, we pushed them hard to challenge the situation come what may and without concepts. This they finally agreed to do. Tomorrow they will make another emergency application for an earlier hearing.

Please pray for our lawyer Mr. Stephen Roelofs, who will make the application tomorrow. Pray that he can be filled with the spirit and on fire with righteous determination to succeed come what may. Please pray that the court grants his request and that as a result we can have a decision in time for True Mother to come to Holland as scheduled. This is really very important for the whole success of the tour in Europe.

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