The Words of the Song Family

Urgent Points For Your Immediate Attention

Yong Cheol Song
June 22, 2006

From: European Office
Sent: 22 June 2006 19:26
To: European Office
Subject: M E M O 4 9 - From President Song - urgent points for your immediate attention

M E M O 4 9 - World Speaking Tour of True Mother and True Children
From President Song - urgent points for your immediate attention
22nd June

Dear Leaders,

Many greetings from the European Office.

I just had a telephone conversation with President Song and he mentioned some key points that are in his mind through prayer - please give them your proper attention.

Fasting Condition for National Leaders

President Song - We need a stronger base of Chung sung to secure the success of the Tour in Europe and to ensure heavenly protection. All National Leaders of host nations should offer at least a 3 day fast - this should include reserve nations (France, Austria, Spain, Italy and Germany). Please report on this matter. Tim Miller and Mr. Hashimoto are currently making a seven day fast.

Holy Wine and Salt Inheritance and Chung Sung Donation

Very shortly we will be sending out the new Holy items to each nation for distribution.

All Blessed Central Families receiving the Holy Wine and Salt should not come empty handed - please bring your Chung Sung Donation and offer it - in this way you can fully connect to the grace of the Opening of the Original Palace. (President Song)

Hospitality Staff

Those serving True Mother and Family should prepare internally as well as externally. Please make extra Chung sung conditions, pray a lot and prepare well. (President Song)

Welcome Pack for True Mother's Party (booklet introducing your nation to True Mother - please refer to MEMO 44)

President Song wants to see and check the prepared welcome pack from each hosting nation - please forward your welcome pack to the European Office by Sunday 25th June at latest.

Second Generation

The involvement of the Second Generation in the Tour is very connected to the providential significance of True Mothers' visit along with True Children. I have asked many times that they be encouraged and educated so that they can be very involved through mobilization and fundraising / donation. Please do not ignore this point.

In addition to advanced mobilization please mobilize all children over 10 years to attend the event in your nation and to other nations that you have responsibility towards. They can have an exciting and wonderful experience. (President Song )

Yours sincerely,

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