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Rev. C. H. Kwak - Breakfast meeting with President Song and European Leaders in Frankfurt

Yong Cheol Song
June 21, 2006
Unofficial notes

From: European Office
Sent: 21 June 2006 10:58
To: European Office
Subject: Rev C.H. Kwak - Breakfast meeting with President Song and European Leaders in Frankfurt 18th June 2006 (Unofficial notes)

Rev. Kwak

True Father has clearly indicated that our Ambassador for Peace foundation is the key to national restoration and should be our main focus - appointing and very importantly educating Ambassadors for Peace. The level of our own membership is too small and lacks influence to reach the national level, but as we connect to more AfPs and they open their networks we can quickly reach to the national level.

The Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth on June 13th in Chung Pyung marks the opening of the Era after the coming of Heaven on Earth and in the Spiritual World. From this time on we must completely change our daily life, not just our actions, but especially our way of thinking.

We should not misunderstand the meaning of the 13th June Coronation and entry to the Original Palace. True Parents are not concerned about their own glory they are entering the Palace for the sake of God, so that God can substantially enter His Palace through True Parents. There are many glorious palaces in the world but none can compare because this palace is dedicated to God by True Parents who understand God's heart so deeply, as it has never been understood before.

From now on the Original Palace is the base for True Parents and for Cheon Il Guk. Therefore True Father will never accept any fallen nature or evil concepts to come into the Palace, only harmony and attitudes consistent with the original standard.

In the same way all leaders and members must be very careful to focus sincerely with a completely pure, harmonious and original attitude - no fallen nature or evil concepts - a new mind for the new era after the coming of Heaven. We have lived in both eras, both worlds, but we must realize that their content is completely different. We have a lot of fallen world habits and traditions - they will not work anymore. True Father is so serious about this point, but many members do not clearly understand. We must hurry up to elevate our personal and family standard. Even within our community the reality is that we have a lot of pollution from fallen traditions. We must change!

At the same time the world is becoming so much more open to our Movement - it is an amazing change. But in order to take advantage of this Heavenly Father needs us to become model people and families - this year the focus (according to the motto) is to become the 'model'.

President Song reported about our efforts to advance work with Ambassadors for Peace in the Balkan area and Rev Kwak indicated that he would like to attend an event there this year. We should plan ahead and invite him gathering the highest level VIPs from the region.

Rev Kwak indicated that we can expect True Parents to call for a major UPF meeting in New York at the time of the first anniversary of UPF (11th-13th September). We should already think ahead and target very high-level VIPs to attend from our nations - they need this type of length of notice period to be available. At that time we can expect True Father to officially announce and speak more about the Abel-UN.

In Korea at the Entrance to the Original Palace True Parents had wanted 200 nations to be represented, in fact there were less and in some cases the VIP representatives were not of a sufficient level. However among them Rev Kwak could recommend some 128 VIPs each representing one nation, who could receive from True Parents a very special gift of diamond cufflinks and tiepin. Other gifts were given to other VIPs but this particular gift has a very special significance. The gift creates an internal condition that those who received it should promote UPF towards their nation's government and civic leaders and secure the membership of their nation in the Abel-UN. You need to know which of your European VIPs received this gift - it was not a personal gift to them, but rather to the nation - True Father mentioned that this gift should be in their national museum in the future - the internal significance is very important.

True Father is setting up the Peace Education Palace or Peace Academy in Jordan. We will set it up in a hotel in Amman and this will become the Middle East HQ. Every week there will be education for Jordanian AfPs, and monthly for AfPs from all over the Middle East and every three months for high level leaders from all over the world.

President Song
Family Pledge Service
Sunday 18th June 2006.

In 1919 in Korea the condition for True Father to come to the world (to be born) was established by the Korean Independence Movement of that year, inspired by the heart and dedication of Yu Gwan Soon, the 16 year old Korean girl who lit the spiritual fire for the Declaration of Korean Independence signed by 33 Korean Leaders many of them religious leaders and declared at Rallies throughout Korea.

True Father is referring to the three speeches of the World Tour as the Three Peace Messages - Message 1- True Father's Speech; Message 2 - True Mother's Speech and Message 3 - the Mongolian Federation address.

Why do you think True Father is asking True Mother and True Sons to travel the World again and deliver once more his speech from last year? It is because it is the Declaration of Independence for Cheon Il Guk. Recreation needs to begin from the word, just as creation began with the word.

True Father is the champion in memorizing these three speeches. If he is doing this so passionately we should naturally understand that it is very important. The word needs to be digested, memorized and to flow through us for the sake of others.

Remember 1987 and the Berlin CARP Convention with Hyo Jin Nim. It seemed so dangerous that leaders even called True Father to question whether we should continue with such danger to Hyo Jin Nim's and members' lives. True Father directed us to continue!

Everything closed against us and the city government blocked us from all the venues. How crucial it was day by day. We need to create the same spirit in Europe as we had at that time in 1987. We must break down the spiritual walls in Europe, which are blocking God and True Parents.

Three generations of the True Family are coming to Europe - True Mother, Kook Jin Nim and Shin Joon Nim. Even True Father will be coming!! They should all be protected within a Cheon Il Guk environment. Such spiritual protection depends very much upon the level of our Chung Sung conditions. Just recently in Korea one female politician who is a potential Presidential candidate was very unexpectedly attacked by a man with a knife on her way to the stage at a public speech. We need to very seriously protect the True Family internally and externally. Check the security level in each nation and reinforce everybody's awareness.

Additional Point Mentioned 20th June 2006

Please be aware that True Father is offering serious Chung sung condition to connect the World Cup with the Peace Cup soccer providence for the sake of World Peace.

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