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First Testimony About Second Generation Preparation For The Tour In Europe

Yong Cheol Song
June 19, 2006

M E M O 41 - World Speaking Tour of True Mother and True Children

Message from President Song to Second Generation and First Testimony about Second Generation Preparation for the Tour in Europe!

Congratulations to the Second Generation in Norway for their Testimony!

Dear Second Generation,

Let's use the few remaining days to improve our foundation to receive True Mother and True Children. Please think about how to establish conditions for a victorious Tour in Europe. How about breakfast fasting or a special prayer or Hoon Dok (Speech reading) Condition? Why not set a goal for a donation? Older children can challenge to make a donation of E120, and through their investment of Chung sung connect to Heavenly Father through the True Family.

Please do your very best. I hope to hear many more inspiring testimonies.

With love and best wishes,

President Yong Cheol Song

2nd Generation in Norway fundraise for True Mother's Tour.

Saturday 10th June six girls [Seline (14 years old), Benedicte and Lillian(11 years old), Anja (10 years old)  Heidi (7 years old) and Julia (9 years old)] from the Sunday school in Oslo went out fundraising to support True Mother's tour. One of the parents who is working for a book shop, had got for free many products that were not selling well, like pencils, rubbers etc. The children put them in decorated baskets and made boxes to put the money in. We made three teams and found a nice area of houses and went door-to-door. The Sunday school teacher was always close by to protect and to encourage the children. They were so excited and ran from door to door.

"While we were fundraising we were thinking that it is so exciting to go to Denmark to see True Mother. There were many nice people who wanted to give us money. We said we came from the Sunday school and wanted to go to Denmark.

It was fun to fundraise especially when we managed to sell something and we got much money. There were many nice people. It became hot with much sunshine so we got very tired, but afterwards we got ice cream. We got 690 kr (=100 E). Later when the HARP fundraising team returned, we all went to the beach for barbeque and swimming. I think that God was very happy today!

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