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World Speaking Tour of True Mother and True Children

Yong Cheol Song
June 10, 2006

From: European Office []
Sent: 10 June 2006 08:41
To: European Office
Subject: M E M O 29 - Letter from President Song to all European members
M E M O 29 - World Speaking Tour of True Mother and True Children

Letter from President Song to all European members

To be read in all One Europe Sunday Services 11th June 2006

Dear European Members,

My Important Message to each of you on this One Europe Sunday

I am writing to you from Chung Pyung where we are all preparing for the Cheon Jeong Goong (Original Palace) Entrance Ceremony and the Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth on June 13th.

On June 6th in Chung Pyung, we already participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony for this period leading up to the 13th June special events. I will be bringing the Holy Wine back with me to Europe to share with all of you. These last two days we have been having very inspiring presentations from Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. This afternoon Hyung Jin Nim will also speak.

Dear European members I am writing to you to ask that all of you tune in spiritually to the importance of this providential period. Please pay very close attention to my message and let our whole European membership be very united centering on the content that I am sharing.

True Mother and True Children will come to Europe on the foundation of an event on 13th June 2006 which compares in importance with the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship on 13th January 2001. We can already feel the power of God's providence and the support of the highest spiritual world through the amazing success of the World Tour till now. In Asia True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim have met with the highest level representatives of the nations, Presidents and Speakers of the Parliaments. This power of true love will become even stronger as the Tour progresses.

We must put our whole Chung Sung into receiving True Mother and True Children in Europe. This visit is not for our sake it is for the sake of all the people of Europe, past and present, and for the incredibly important role that Europe is destined to play for the global providence.

With all my heart I ask that every one of you maximize your effort to be fully available for God's will during the period of the World Tour in Europe 1st to 15th July.

You may have already heard the amazing news that once again Europe will be graced with the presence of our True Father. He will come to Europe for the second half of the European Tour and be based in Switzerland. His presence there has profound providential significance! Please do not be spiritually asleep - we must be the 'wise virgins' - with the heart of a bride ready to unite with True Children, True Mother and enter the heart of True Father and so to Heavenly Father. When we succeed in this, enormous grace will come to our European providence.

Please make certain that you are fully available for all mobilizations as Advanced Task Force, Event Staff and on the day of the events. You have no higher way to manifest your love for God and Humanity and your attendance to the King and Queen of Peace.


I am aware how much you have been sacrificing and offering your Chung sung, please raise up your hearts further.

Let this time be used to advance your Tribal and Community foundation by bringing your guests and Ambassadors for Peace to receive the Blessing directly from True Parents and to receive the grace of God's words through True Mother and True Son.

I have to encourage you to go beyond your limits and to strive to let the Chung sung donation be 100% in each nation.

Please engage yourselves actively in appointing and educating Ambassadors for Peace towards your national goal of 30 times your Parliament members.

I also personally ask each European Second Generation to understand that this is the time to unite with True Children and attend them - please make extra effort to raise donations for the Tour and to be mobilized to support as Advanced Task Force, Event Staff and by being mobilized on the day to as many of the European events as possible. Your effort will bear great fruit for the future of the providence, which is in the hands of True Children and the Second Generation.

All members - today commit yourself to be as fully mobilized as possible - give your name to be added to the list of those who should be mobilized in preparation for the European Tour and to actually attend on the day of the events especially in the cities where your nation is responsible to mobilize participants.

Last year True Parents were so proud of you all and we could gain spiritual fortune to make a major step in breaking through the barriers to True Parent's providential work here in Europe. This time it is our absolute goal that our offering will connect to True Parent's heart and have the power of true love to break all remaining barriers. We must unite beyond barriers of nation and be ready to support any place we are called as ONE EUROPE!

Pray deeply together today and come to a new level. Repent for any spiritual sleepiness and be fully awake to God's and True Parent's heart explained so deeply in True Parents speeches.

God and True Parents are relying on each one of you - this message is for YOU!

21 days from now True Mother and True Children will arrive in Europe - I will see you all then and we will gain the victory together!

God Bless you,
Yong Cheol Song
President FFWPU Europe

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