The Words of the Song Family

Reflection of 2nd Pure Love Workshop

Hwa Jin Song
May 16, 2006
Pure Love Ambassador for Austria

First of all, I am really grateful to Heavenly Father and True Parents. This workshop was my first moment to realize the value of Pure Love Education. It is my mission and my purpose for being here in Europe.

This workshop was possible because of a big support from the ESGD, French CARP members and Austrian CARP members and elders. There were 17 participants; they came from Austria, Germany, Spain, Andorra and France. Also more than ten elder 2nd Generation attended and supported as MCs, team leaders and lecturer. The first day, 20th of April, we invited Peter Zöhrer, the national leader of Austria, Geros Kunkel, the director of ESGD, and Jeongsin Kim, pure love ambassador of France, and they gave welcoming remarks. After that, we had ice-breaking time where we introduced ourselves and played a few games together.

The second day, 21st of April, we had 2 lectures in the morning. Tim from Austrian CARP gave a lecture; the topic was ‘Pure Love Principle’. He was one of the only brothers there and he gave a really interesting and effective lecture. The second lecture was given by pure love ambassador to France. Most of contents were quite new things for all participants and they could open they eyes about sex and sexuality.

During dinnertime, we had ‘Meal of Heaven’ every one had one meal partner and we fed each other. It was fantastic! We realized how ‘Living for others’ can be exciting. After lunch, we went out and played sports. Next on the program was ‘pure love solution’ It was a kind of role-playing session. We shared some important experience and act about that, ‘If a guy approached you and treated you nasty way?’ ‘If your friend tells that he loves you?’ ‘If you are in a situation where you are pressured to drink or smoke?’ We found good solutions for when we meet these kinds of situations through role-playing.

After dinner, we learned the theme song of the workshop made by elder 2nd generation, and we had a ‘Pure Love debate’ 5 pure love side panel and 5 free sex side panel debated about ‘sexual phenomena of these days from the perspective of the teenager single mom issue’ 7 of the panel were staff, 3 of the panel was made up of participants. Other participants and even parents joined the debating. It was really realistic and something special.

The 3rd day, 22nd of April, we had 2 lectures as well. After lunch, we had a team activity to make a real pure love culture. Team by team, we planned a pure love festival. We made a pure love song, made products and shared together. Later we prepared a ‘Performance for God’. Performance for god is a kind of family night, but it is different because we invite God and True Parents to be there, and we prepare everything for them. After dinner we invited God, True Parents and parents who were there and we performed for them. There were solo songs and songs by nations, and the brothers showed a short movie they had made earlier. Some sisters prepared flowers for God and another presented a picture she had drawn. Parents also sang a traditional Austrian song. It was a really moving program and we could feel the warm atmosphere centered on God. After that we signed the Pure Love Pledge and received a book mark that included the contents of pledge. We closed the 3rd day with a candlelit prayer in the holy ground.

On the last day, 23rd of April, we had reflection time and closing ceremony. With much love, our kitchen staff served the best food until the last moment. As a Pure Love Missionary to Austria, I was so moved by the prepared participants. They are really interested about purity and pure love culture already and they have really good potential and ability. I hope they can all be an owner of pure love culture and reach their brothers and sisters, even friends and society. We plan to hold one more workshop in October with evaluated contents.

Thank you to God and True Parents for being here, and we hope you will join us in this precious workshop again.

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