The Words of the Song Family

A Romanian member's testimony Sun Myung Moon's visit to Romania

Yong Cheon Song
January 2006

In Romania, we could see True Parents. For me it was the second time. It was wonderful, like a dream! I cannot believe that I saw them, the Messiah of all mankind! When I saw True Father, I was thinking about his life and how he suffered for the humanity, and for even me. It's thanks to him that I am here; I am alive.

And I was so grateful to him because even if True Parents are old, they keep on going and working for God. And to thank them I really wanted to give them love. During Hoon Dok Hae, I was in the 1st row and I really wanted to consider them as my Parents. I wanted to smile with my heart and look at them through my heart. When I saw this Hoon Dok Hae baby, how he brings happiness to True Parents, I really wanted to do so, to become like this Hoon Dok Hae baby for God.

But I know that I must work hard for this. I was also quite sad because I felt quite far away from this level. But I am sure there is a way, especially if its Gods will. I am so lucky because I could meet the Messiah of the humanity, Gods True Son and True Parents of all mankind. I am so grateful.

I was also touched by Pres. Song. He practices the absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. During the Hoon Dok Hae, in Romania, True Parents gave some advises to Pres. Yong Cheon Song for Europe. And Pres. Song's answers were so clear and he was so serious. I felt that he is a real child of True Parents. Moreover True Parents could not come to Bulgaria. So Pres. Song came and gave the speech. He was saying I was sent by True Parents. I could see that Pres. Song is one with True Parents and he is a True of True Parents. 

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