The Words of the Song Family

European UPF Inauguration

Yong Cheol Song
November 15, 2005

From: European Office
Sent: 15 November 2005
To: European Office

Dear Leaders,

Many greetings from the European Office.

Just now True Father expressed his desire to Pres. Song that he would like to see a representative of each Blessed Family in Europe at the November 17th event in Geneva.

Pres. S

Rev. Song is very much aware about the challenge of this request and would like to asked each nation to do their very best to meet this expectation. Blessed Families planning to participate at the Denmark event on November 19th do not need to come to Geneva.

Organizational details and guidelines will be send letter.

Yours sincerely,

I think there must be someone at Moon's elbow who immediately conveys his words to the members. If he said everyone should blow their noses with only their left hands; immediately memos would be flying.

Peter C

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