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TP’s 100 City World Speaking Tour

Yong Cheol Song
September 24, 2005

From: European Office []
Sent: 24 September 2005 18:34
To: European Office
Subject: M E M O 3 - TP’s 100 City World Speaking Tour
M E M O 3 - TP’s 100 City World Speaking Tour

Letter by Pres. Yong Cheol Song

Dear Leaders and dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many warm greetings from the European Office.

Right after my return from New York, where I have attended True Parents in the inauguration of the Universal Peace Council, I called for an urgent European Leaders’ Meeting as a result of the announcement of TPs’ 100 City Speaking World Tour which will lead them also to 13 nations in Europe. In my letter today I would like to announce the most important decisions we have made during our meeting in relation to TPs visit to Europe.

1.. Conditions to Welcome True Parents in Europe

To dedicate three hours a day to public/witnessing activities

We all have been waiting to be able to welcome TPs in Europe for a long time. We have been making spiritual conditions to achieve this goal. Currently we are in our "16th 40 Day Cheong Sung Condition to Welcome True Parents". I am so grateful for all your investment of heart you have made so far. I am deeply moved about the reports I received from the national leaders that brothers and sisters throughout Europe are joining in additional spiritual conditions. They are studying True Fathers words and doing prayer and fasting vigils nation by nation and churches by churches throughout Europe to prepare the ground for True Parents to come. Also I am so grateful that brothers and sisters take Dae Mo Nim’s direction to us at the time of her last visit to Europe very serious to dedicate three hours a day to public/witnessing activities. I would like to remind you please follow and practice Dae Mo Nim’s guidance. By doing so good spiritual world will start to move and will create miracles for those who follow this direction.

To do our own personal "100 Cities"

True Parents started their 100 City Speaking Tour on September 20th. Day by day they will move from city to city without stopping until 100 cities are accomplished. We all are asked to do like them and do our own personal "100 Cities" Especially in the remaining four weeks before TPs are coming to Europe we all have to stand up and meet people, friends and neighbours and hold public meetings until each one of us has reached the number 100 by counting how many people we have talked to or as a leader how many public meetings we have hosted.

To appoint 500 Ambassadors for Peace and education of Ambassadors for Peace

Please let me reminded you about the resolution we made earlier this year in Rome at the time of our European leaders’ meeting (Rome Resolution). Appointing and educating many new Ambassadors for Peace is the way to build the foundation to receive TPs and overcome the Schengen issue. To reach out for the goal of appointing 500 Ambassadors for Peace before True Parents arrival in Europe is the desired condition for those nations which will receive True Parents. In addition I would like to ask each nation to organize and hold ongoing meetings of educating Ambassadors for Peace prior to TPs visit to Europe.

In the remaining time let us all focus our minds and unite our hearts that we finally can bring the good news to our True Parents that they are welcome to the West European nations as well and will be received as state guests to give the Blessing to the nation as King and Queen of Peace.

2.. Setting the Tour Schedule

First we have been asked to choose 13 locations in Europe in the time period from October 24th to November 5th. In our leaders’ meeting we decided on the following dates and locations:



Schengen Nation

Mon. 24. Oct.



Tue. 25. Oct. (05. Oct.)

Czech Republic


Wed. 26. Oct.



Thu. 27. Oct.



Fri. 28. Oct. (08. Oct.)



Sat. 29. Oct.



Sun. 30. Oct.



Mon. 31. Oct. (10. Oct.)

Bosnia Herzegovina


Tue. 01. Nov.



Wed. 02. Nov. (12. Oct.)


Germany Netherlands

Thu. 03. Nov. (13. Oct.)


France Belgium

Fri. 04. Nov. (14. Oct.)


United Kingdom Iceland

Sat. 05. Nov. (15. Oct.)


Spain Portugal

The 13 nations listed do not have restrictions for TP to enter. However if a western nations succeeds in the remaining time to welcome True Parents than Sweden would replace Czech Republic, Austria replaces Romania, Italy - Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany or Netherlands - Croatia, France or Belgium - Slovenia, United Kingdom - Ireland and Spain or Portugal would replace Malta. The deadline for a western nation to succeed with their exemption for TP to enter is 10 days prior to the scheduled event.

3.. Special Financial Contribution

A lot of money will be needed to finance the 13 events throughout Europe. Some nations are capable to manage by themselves other are in difficulties and need support. Europe is like one nation and we are one family helping and supporting each other. Therefore I would like to call for a special financial contribution from each blessed family towards the visit of TPs to Europe.

Blessed Families from the West € 1,000.- each

Blessed Families from the East € 300.- each

Blessed Families from the Balkan € 100.- each

The donations should be given until October 8th All brothers and sisters should do their very best to give the money on time. Those who have difficulties to give the donation on time can give it in instalments over a period of time. Each national headquarters is asked to collect the money and give a report to the European Office about the amount collected. Later each headquarters will be told how and where to send the money.

4.. Time of Total Mobilisation

a. Mobilization of Leaders

First I would like to appoint regional leaders and some national leaders from the west to assist and take responsibility for the events together with the national leader of the host nation.


Responsible Person


Fritz Piepenburg Marek Rudnik

Czech Republic

Dieter Schmidt Jan Forgac


Igor Koromhaz


Peter Zöhrer Tibor Krebsz


Jean Francois Moulinet Bong Moon Jeong


Radomir Stanchev


Duk Bong Jang

Bosnia Herzegovina

Philippe Jacques Sung Yong Kim


Heiner Handschin


Wim Koetsier Anto Tomas


Armando Lozano Sun Woo Irgl Joo


Tim Read Halvard Iversen


Giuseppe Cali Brayn Corlett

b. Advanced Task Force (ATF) Mobilisation

Several host nations in the East are in great need for help in preparing for the event. Therefore we need to organize ATF to assist the host nations. The role of the ATF will be mainly to contact VIPs, work on the invitation of guest, to give technical support and to serve in the various fields for the preparation of TPs’ visit. The members of the Special Task Force have to arrive on October 2nd in their assigned nation and need to be mobilized for 21 days. Following nations should send members to the following host nations:

c. Event Staff Mobilisation

Host nations are also in need of capable people to help on the day of the event. A minimum of 45 staff people will be needed for each event. The Advanced Task Force (ATF) will join the Event Task Force (ETF) and the European STF 2005 – 2006 will travel to the host nations and help for the events. In addition we need to ask the following nations to send the following number of people to the following event places. They should arrive three days prior to the event. For example in case of Poland they should arrive October 21st.

d. Mobilization of Members

Second, each of our brothers and sisters should participate at least in one of the events. Here are the minimum goals for the mobilization.

To welcome True Parents to Europe in this time of the providence in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk the growth stage in substantially building the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth is such a privilege and has tremendous importance. Many of the brothers and sisters who came for the leaders’ meeting were expressing their determination in saying, "It is a question of life or death!" Let us all do our very best to welcome our True Parents in Europe with all our heart and in offering a strong foundation of many dedicated Ambassadors for Peace.

Yours sincerely,

Pres. Yong-Cheol Song
President FFWPU - Europe

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