The Words of the Song Family

God's Day 2005

Kayeon Song
January 2005

What I liked about this workshop was that it gave us all a lot of time to reflect. I had so much to digest, so many things left up in mid air that I was grateful to finally take them to make my own. It was really special for just the 2nd years, after spending two conditions, especially the last with absolutely no one to have horizontal relationship to, so to see all the 2nd years and spend time with them meant a lot to me. The CARP workshop was actually really good in preparing me for the blessing, to have the right attitude and mindset. Looking back at the time when the parents were matching, I realized that I had quite a self centered and laid back attitude. I trusted my parents to find the right person but did not really invest so much on my part. I had forgotten that the blessing was an offering to God and True Parents and not just for me. Since my parents had suddenly encouraged me to go to the blessing, during the CARP workshop, I had a lot more time to think about it seriously and prepare myself internally. The CARP workshop helped to remind me of my identity and role as a 2nd generation and although I wasn’t able to ski, I had a great time sledding.

But after a couple days at the CARP workshop, I started to miss the 1st years, especially my team members, I constantly thought about them and when we returned to Schmitten (workshop site in Germany) I was so overjoyed to see them again. I realized just how much I really appreciated them and how much they meant to me. Though this sudden blessing announcement stirred up so much chaos and the workshop afterwards in general wasn’t so organized, it was actually a deep workshop for many. I was really glad to hear from certain team members that the workshop had been almost as deep and intense as the fundraising conditions and that they were ready and inspired to go fundraising. One of my team members was going through intense internal realizations and internal seriousness, he started to do intense prayer and even fasting conditions. I was really proud of him, he has come so far.

This workshop was also really deep for me, I really appreciated the 3 hours of reflection time (time when the only person you can speak with is yourself and God). I could finally look back on the 2 conditions, all the tough times, all the good times, how each member was at the start and how they developed to become who they are now and I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude for the time and ecstatic joy. Despite how difficult it was, we had all come through it and appreciated every moment with each other.

I really appreciated having the testimonies from all the other 2nd years. I had gone through a really tough time in the past condition but it was nothing compared to what the other team leaders had gone through. After I shared my experience with everyone, I had a really deep realization ending up in tears, but I won’t go into detail. Seeing the movie Baraka was also great. I was amazed by the extreme beauty and ugliness of this world, astonished. I was reminded of how small minded I was, focused only on the world around me and my life, I had completely forgotten of the larger picture and it was like a slap in the face.

I also had a really deep 40 minutes prayer at the end of the workshop when in tears I realized my strong desire to go to the blessing, take my next big step in offering up myself to God and True Parents, putting absolute trust in them.

Overall it was a really good workshop with a good time to revive, digest and take in more. Thank You.

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