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Letter From President Song

Yong Cheol Song
October 10, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First let me express my heartfelt gratitude for all your hard work done to make our European Middle East Peace Initiative to a success. Several times True Father has received reports about our MEPI already and each time he is so happy and wants to hear more and more. True Parents have made so many Cheong Sung Conditions for the Middle East Peace Initiative that he is so glad to hear that we could respond so well and that the whole project is on a good way.

We are approaching the month of October and as you know October is the month of liberation. In the month October, True Father was liberated from Hung Nam prison. You all remember, just one year ago on October 3 the inauguration of IIPC was held in New York. At this time True Father was calling European brothers and sisters to come to New York and more than 400 came to do all kind of activities and spiritual conditions. It was a great success. True Father proclaimed the start of the 4th Israel and explained that we live today in an identical time period to the years 1945 to 1952. A time period in which the 7 providential nations should have united with True Father which unfortunately did not take place and needed to be prolonged up until today. This was the deeper meaning why True Father was calling Europe. The 7 providential nations needed to lay a spiritual foundation in unity with True Parents to initiate the Abel UN, IIPC and Peace Kingdom. When we reflect and think about it deeper, we have to realize that we all as the representative of Europe are in a very serious position. It is our responsibility to unite with True Parentsí providence and directions.

This time True Father gave us the goal to send 500 people to Israel. With the joined effort of so many brothers and sisters we were able to send 520 people among them 174 Ambassadors for Peace. Again thank you very much for all your hard work done and investment of heart made so that we could respond to our True Parentsí call.

Especially I want to mention our Japanese Missionary Sisters who made an incredible effort to raise funds for the airplane tickets and staying costs in Israel for their assigned nationís Ambassadors for Peace. Also I would like to recognize the leadership of the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain who made a tremendous effort by having sent more Ambassadors for Peace to Israel than their original goal given.

At the time of our Middle East Peace Initiative we could also hold our 4th Symposium for Ambassadors for Peace in which in addition 84 Ambassadors for Peace from the Eurasia region and Ambassadors for Peace from Israel joined in. Altogether we had 280 Ambassadors for Peace attending. Overall each day of our 14 days in Israel was filled with deep and meaningful programs which left behind a profound impression and unforgettable memories to us all.

We are approaching the last quarter of 2004 and with this letter I would like to give you an outline of future events taking place on the European level and call for our 8th Stage 40 Day Cheong Sung Condition.

8th Stage 40 Day Cheong Sung Condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe"

I strongly feel that our 7th Cheong Sung Condition, which served as a spiritual foundation for our Middle East Peace Initiative, has played an important part in the process to bring the European MEPI to a success. Thank you very much for all your payers and conditions made. I am proud about you all and feel we are one family joining in heart to work together for Heavenly Father and our True Parents. In this sense I would like to call for the 8th Stage 40 Day Cheong Sung Condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe"

Time period

October 13 Ė November 21, 2004

Conditional Offering

1. Money offering:

Western Europe - Ä 40.- per family (1.- Ä per day)

2. Every day Prayer and Hoon Dok Hae

3. 40 full bows a day

Prayer Points:

1. For the success of True Parentís world providence establishing the Peace Kingdom by world wide developing the Peace UN (IIPC).

2. For the safe substantial settlement of Cheon Il Guk and 4th Israel, the Peace Kingdom.

3. For True Parentís health and safety.

4. To resolve the True Parentís entry to Europe issue by raising the key person among the Ambassadors for Peace to support our political and legal battle, while taking spiritual and financial responsibility as a European Movement to welcome our True Parents to Europe. Let us specifically pray for the success of the different court cases taking place in various nations concerning True Parentís entry to Europe.

5. To unite all European members as one going beyond boundaries centring on the Malaga resolution.

6. For the Second Generation to inherit the Heavenly Tradition.

7. For the Balkan project, to restore a European Nation for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk and for a successful East West cooperation.

8. For the 35 European nations to develop successfully under Godís providence.

9. For the success of the IIFWP Providence in Europe to educate high-level VIPs, appointing Ambassadors of Peace and continuous follow up to let them become active in building Cheon Il Guk.

10. For the development of the grass roots foundation in each nation through Divine Principle education, through promoting the public course and by building a strong financial base.

11. That we can address the needs of the society and nation through our providential organizations.

12. That each Nation and each Blessed Family can stand as owners of Cheon Il Guk, can become a real Daeshinja, a heir of God, a heir of True Parentsí live, word and victory, and a creator of a Shimjung Culture and Community.

Please include in your prayers also the following important events taking place in Europe in the near future.

∑ STF 2004 Ė 2005 started from October 1st with their kick off workshop in Schmitten, Germany. This time 100 Second Generation brothers and sisters are taking part.

∑ 5th Symposium "Living for the Sake of Other" The Life and Thoughts of Rev. Sun Myung Moon - The venue is Schmitten training centre in Germany. The date is from Thursday, October 28 until Sunday, October 31. As before it is our goal to have 70 Ambassadors for Peace in attendance.

∑ Middle East Peace Initiative - From November 5th Ė 18th Ambassadors for Peace from Africa and Oceania will come to Israel in order to complete the number 500 which both continents could not fulfil yet. At this time I would like to send 70 Ambassadors for Peace from Europe to join them in their MEPI. It is my desire that we choose 70 of our most dedicated Ambassadors for Peace. We could use the time in Israel to deepen our relationship among each other, to sharpen the sense of purpose as Ambassadors for Peace and to build a strong team to work for the progress of the IIFWP providence in Europe.

∑ 15 Day Divine Principle Workshop - The venue is not decided yet. The date is from November 20 to December 5.

∑ WANGO Conference Ė in Budepest, Hungary from October 23rd Ė 26th

More details on these events will be sent out by the European Office in the near future.

Thank you very much again for all your work done and lets us use the remaining months of this year to work for Heavenly Fatherís providence in Europe.

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