The Words of the Song Family

Letter From Our European President

Yong-Cheol Song
August 22, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many greetings from the European Office!

I just returned from the United Kingdom this morning. I had a very good experience when I could attend the Sunday Service at the Bromley church in London. They had a kind of Family Service with several guests attending, which they are holding once a month since more than a year now already. I was so inspired to see and meet new guest. Especially I was happy when I was told that members, who have been distant to our movement, keep coming to this kind of Family Service. The atmosphere was beautiful and warm and I felt that this church would grow stronger and stronger.

Today when I returned to the European Office, it was reported to me that the Frankfurt community had their first Sunday Service at their new place inside the building of the new European Office. Finally after many years, the Frankfurt community has a place on their own in Frankfurt again and everybody was very happy and inspired about it.

As you know True Father has spend a period of 14 days in US and some time of it in Alaska. On August 14 True Parents returned to Korea. During all of this time Tue Parents are making very sincere conditions for August 20 the "Holy Marriage Blessing for the Advent of a Revolution of True Heart and the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom" True Father continuously speaks about the lonely heart of God throughout the Old and New Testament, the mistakes of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the Israelites failure at the time of Moses, the serious mistake of the Jewish people towards Jesus and the prolongation of True Parents providence because of the failure of Korean Christianity in particular mistakes made by the leadership of the Ihwa and Yonse university to recognize True Father. True Father is speaking about his incredible lonely and difficult path he had to go up until today. Now we are reaching the culmination of history and True Father deeply hopes that all blessed families and their tribes and even all humanity can participate in this very special event taking place on August 20.

Until now it was a time of being dominated by the consequences of the fall. But True Parents have indemnified everything and the history of fallen mankind is coming to its end. Because of one generation all of history was stained. Now because of True Fatherís family a new age can start.

August 20 is a special day prepared by God and True Parents and whoever participates will receive heavenly grace. Please organize family by family, city by city and make it a meaningful event for your nation.

True Father gave the direction that each Family Church in Korea (3,300) to invite 500 people to participate in this special grace given on August 20. True Father keeps taking about the number 500. If 500 righteous people gather to gather the church, city or nation will prosper. Therefore we are asked to bring 500 people from Europe to Israel. August 20 will be a real day of liberation more than the liberation of Korea, which is celebrated on August 20 as well. True Father would like to dedicate ten days until August 30 to hold celebrations to keep this moment in history high. All humankind is receiving a special grace; new life and we all can become citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom.

I hope and pray that each one of your families including your tribe and all people in your nation can be connected and receive the benefit of this special grace.

This evening I will travel to Korea to attend True Parents during this special time.

May God bless you all and your families.

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