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Seventh Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe" European Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI)

Yong-Cheol Song
July 18, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your daily hard work and dedication to advance the work of our True Parents in your nation, region, city, local community and family, day by day. I am so grateful for all the wonderful brothers and sisters I am able to meet on my journeys to the nations. They give me so much hope and confidence that we are on the right way to build a great and united Europe for God and our True Parents.

Have confidence; your dreams will be realized I am so grateful towards you all for having participated in the six Cheong Sung Conditions we have made so far. Please be confident that your contribution was in no way in vain but on the contrary was a great support for True Parents world wide providence and for the providence here in Europe. Although, we received the news from Britain about the court case and that the judge was not courageous enough to stand up against the government, it does not mean that we have failed. It means that we have still some more steps to climb and that we have still some more Cheong Sung to do. I deeply hope and pray that all European members can feel the same and can keep their spirit to continue.

I am especially grateful for all British members. They have shown such a beautiful heart of unity, dedication and a courageous spirit to welcome True Parents in their nation. Dear British members, I am so proud of you, please do not loose hope but continue with an even stronger determination. Father is making total Cheong Sung condition At the moment, as you know, True Father is coming soon to the end of an 85 day condition. True Father determined to stay for the whole period of 85 days at Yeo Su city. The condition started with the first day of Ahn Shi Il on May 5 and ends after the 10th Ahn Shi Il plus five days on July 21. This period corresponds to True Fathers’ age of 85 years. Tirelessly True Father is making serious conditions keeping the tradition of total Cheong Sung throughout his whole life until today.

On May 5, the fourth year of Chun Il Guk, True Father introduced to us the new calendar. Recently on June 30 True Father mentioned that the eighth day in the week of eight days (Ahn Shi Il) should be called Cheon Yo Il which means "Heaven’s Day" following Sunday the seventh day of the week. This means the eight days of the week are called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Cheon Yo Il (Heavenday). How blessed we are and we have all reasons to feel grateful to have the privilege to be among the first to start with this new tradition.

Practice living for the sake of others on Heavenday Cheon Yo Il or Heavenday should be dedicated to fully attend God and practice living for the sake of others. It should be a day for us when we serve others in our community and love our neighbours with all our strength and devotion. I would like to encourage all of you to plan some special program of service and education within your community to uphold this day and to make it a tradition amongst your community members.

True Father recognises our European VIP Divine Principle Seminars At the time of the 42nd Day of All True Things celebration I was able to meet True Father and to report to him about the activities of the European members. True Father was especially happy to hear that Europe started to have successive 3 Days Divine Principle seminars with IIFWP Ambassadors for Peace and was even more exited to hear that our third VIP seminar was held inside a catholic convent, for the first time in the history of the Unification Movement.

Listening to many other reports including a report about the great work the STF and second Generation are doing in Europe, True Father truly recognizes your work, the efforts being made and dedication given. This time I could bring a couple of pictures taken at several events we organized in Europe and True Father signed them all. At this point I would like to thank all leaders for following my direction to continuously sending reports including pictures. It is so helpful to let True Father know about Europe. Please keep up and improve this good tradition.

At the moment two 15 Day Divine Principle Workshops are taking place, one in Sebenstein, Austria with 38 guests from 8 nations in attendance and one in Albania with 35 guest. Please support these workshops in your prayers. Among these guests I am sure new dedicated members will emerge. Also many Second Generation workshops will take place over the summer holidays which need our support and prayers.

The Europe providence has been moving forward with your Cheong Sung ! The European providence has been moving forward and has gained momentum throughout the last year because of your contribution and conditions made. Thank you very much for that. Our past Cheong Sung Conditions have always led us to a highlight of God’s providence. I would like to continue with this tradition and call for our 7th Cheong Sung Condition which will lead us to the start of the European Middle East Peace Initiative. With this condition we want to help True Father to solve the crisis in the Middle East but at the same time we want to strengthen our foundation here in Europe. Both purposes have an internal connection and it is a golden opportunity for our IIPC foundation in Europe to work for a concrete and higher purpose.

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