The Words of the Song Family

Report On President Song's Visit To Albania

Sokol Rexhepi and Eva Ile
March 27th – 29th, 2004

Since president Song’s visit to Albania was announced, all the Albanian full time and part time members were very much enthusiastic to welcome him for the second time in Albania, this time for a real meeting with the membership. Last time was in July 2003 for the VIP conference and we could not share much with him.

Anyway, we promised to ourselves and to Mr. Chang, the Balkan Regional Director, that we would mobilize 200 people to welcome Pres. Song, including parents and members.

Actually Pres. Song arrived on March 27th, the fourth day of a 5-day workshop. It was a surprise that the weather became quite bright and nice after 12 o'clock, March 27th. Previously it had been 4 days of heavy rain and wind. We squeezed the program so that Pres. Song could speak right after the lecture on "The Second Advent" and TF life. There were about 50 workshop participants but in the afternoon a crowd of 180 was gathered to hear Pres. Song. Many of the parents were present, include here our Ambassador for Peace Mr. Ali Lacaj (former Prefect of Shkodra District). The atmosphere was very high with all the participants being inspired by the last lecture (The Second Advent). Pres. Song seemed very happy and his speech started at 6 PM and lasted until 8 PM.

The warm and convincing communication of President Song immediately had effect to the auditory and even though of the big number of people, allover dominated a high attention atmosphere.

Pres. Song made a general introduction, starting with his personal testimony, explaining mostly how he joined the Unification movement. It was both interesting and moving his life experience with our movement until now. What was clearly visible in the speech of Pres. Song was the fact that almost all the time he spoke about True Parents, testifying about them and sharing some nice experiences he had with them.

Then Pres. Song spoke about his mission life in Oceania, letting us to understand behind his words, the heart of a person that really loves the others and has a strong connection of heart with God and True Parents.

There were quite interesting experiences he had with VIP-s from different countries and seemed to be very inspiring the way he worked with them.

For the person that later became the President of Palau, Pres. Song explained how True Father had foretold him to prepare to meet within three days a very important person. The third day, as he was passing through this country (having always in mind what True Father told him), he finds a lady which guides him to a person that had put his candidature for president. After having a discussion Pres. Song promises him to pray that he can win the elections and this person promises to Pres. Song to attend a workshop of our movement. He wins the elections and then he participates in this workshop, becoming like this a part of our movement as well.

Through this example, Pres. Song wanted to express above all the importance of True Father’s words and how seriously we should consider them. Even the simplest words True Parents tell, we should really seriously think about them.

After this, Pres. Song spoke about the way True Parents gave the Blessing, mentioning his own Blessing experience, emphasizing through it once more that True Parents are always aware of what is the best for us to do and what is the proper way we have to follow.

After this speech everybody was inspired and one of the parents, right after it, wrote and interpreted in front of everybody a very nice poesy that glorified God and True Parents. In his words he expressed that he liked to invest for God and True Parents.

After dinner we had a reflection and prayer session which finished the day. Four brothers and sisters, participants on the 5 day workshop, shared their heart about the GREAT NEWS (Messiah being on the Earth). They committed themselves to apply the Principle in their life and to bring more young people to be part of this family (FFWP).

Next morning we started with HDH together with Pres. Song. He again shared his heart and mostly the heart of TP with us. We were all very grateful for participating at this precious time. The day, 28th March, continued with the Sunday Service where the sermon given by Pres. Song lasted two hours. This time more than 200 people participated. One brother, participant on 5 DWS couldn't stop crying, since he heard about the Second Coming and all throughout Pres. Song speech. Many members shed tears during Pres. Song’s sermon.

Actually, everybody of us felt that we really needed such words in way to understand the importance of time we are living in and to connect ourselves much more with the providence of God and True Parents.

Now we would like shortly mention the main content that Pres. Song presented in his speech, but soon we shall send to brothers and sisters, transcribed, the whole content he shared with us.

"…I am sure that all of us are fortunate. I am not speaking about the individual fortune or family fortune. I am speaking about the Heavenly Fortune. That is why you are here today. That’s why you studied the Divine Principle. Through studying it you get to know that you are living such an important time.
…The history has longed for this time. God has longed for this time. All humanity has longed for this time. We are living now in the Completed Testament Age. In 1993 True Parents declared the Completed Testament Age. What do we understand with Completed Testament?
God gave promises in the Old Testament. He promised that He would bring Messiah and this should be the time when the desire and the ideal of God would be fulfilled. But it did not happen. From Jesus Christ until now has been the Age of New Testament. Now, True Parents are on earth, keeping the promises of Old Testament and New Testament as well. In this Age will be completed the promises of both, the old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. So are you happy? I am sure that you have received a Heavenly Fortune, that’s why you are here.
…In the beginning of 2004 True Parents declared the Peace Kingship Era. This is the starting year of God’s Peace Kingship. True Father declared it. Did you know it before? For many of you this message seems to be new. Think about Jesus time. He said: - Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is near! But people did not understand him and even they persecuted and crucified him. His words were true, but people did not understand him. In the same way True Parents did until now many declarations. In 1951 True Father was in Pusan, the place where the Unification Movement started. There were a few members that time and the house where they gathered was poor, but during this time True Father said that soon communism would be destroyed. That time North Korea was governed by communist system. Members hardly believed that time, but the words of Father were true. In 1988 the Berlin wall collapsed. He also declared there that this poor house would become in future a holy place where people would come to pray. They could not understand Him, because He was speaking for the future. Actually, you know that now, many of our members or religious people, more and more are going to pray in this place.
…Father foresaw that Chung Pyung would become a place where thousands and thousands would go to pray. If you go now there you will see that His words became reality.
…At the beginning of 2004 True Father declared God’s Fatherland and the Peace Kingship. So that is why I mention that you are fortune. Take seriously the words of the Father, even the simplest ones.
...Recently True Father mentioned that we are living in the time of revolution. Within the years 2000 – 2004 have happened many changes, what other ones does True Father mean?
He has declared that until now humankind needed the religion. The number of religions all over the world is really big. Religions helped people to turn back to God. Father has declared in this time of Peace Kingship that we do not need religions anymore. Surely, we have to keep faith everyday and religion guided us in this path. But True Father said that now the humankind, while living with God, does not need the religion. In the Garden of Eden God did not create religions. That is why now Rev. Moon gathers all religious leaders asking them to work beyond the religion, nationality or race through the IIFWP and also inviting them to create together a World of Peace.
...Another big change that True Parents declared is that now we do not need even to pray. Did Adam and Eve pray? They discussed and lived with God without praying. That’s why now is the time to live 24 hours totally with God and He can hear our words.
...Another change is that True Parents have declared that they can now bequeath to us the authority of Blessing. From 1960 True Father has leaded the Blessing ceremonies. Now they have told that all of us must become fourth Adam, like the Adam before fall, living according the original ideal in the Garden of Eden. We thought that only True Parents have the authority to give Blessing, but when the time came He passed it to all of us.
...I hope that you participants of 5 day WS will not miss any words of what is told here and also you can plant them in your hearts. What was the mistake of Adam and Eve? They did not hear the word of God. They had not to experience sexual relationships without the permission of God. You have the same age with them. This message is not only for Adam and Eve, but for all of you. I hope you always keep in mind the words of the Principle.
When I was in Solomon Islands a boy called Endrius received the DP. Before he did not live a good life, smoking, having alcohol, quarreling with people. After 7 day WS he completely changed and then he added: "If my sister knew DP, she would not commit suicide, one month ago."
So, I understood that through DP a brother completely changed his life.
...When True Parents invited the President of Palau they asked him how many times he read the DP, and then about his age. He was 47 and Father asked him to read the DP 47 times.
...True Father teaches us to read the DP on and on. The more we read it the more we understand. Every time is different. Every time you read, God gives you answer and you become stronger.
I was astonished one day, as I was traveling together with True Father. He opened the suitcase and do you know what happened? He took out the DP and started to read. Even He wrote it by Himself, he is again reading.
...Now I would like to speak about something else. What do we have to do in way to inherit the tradition and the victory of God? We have to inherit the life, the word and the victory of True Father. True Father has told that this is the standard to have a place in the Kingdom of God, to be the seed of Peace Kingdom and to become part of Cheon Il Guk.
How can we inherit the life of True Father? How did he live? He lived for the sake of the others. True Father said: "If you live for the others you will not perish, you will not be poor and the fortune will immediately come." To live for the sake of others is not theory of some religions or theory of True Father, it is a universal law.
...How does True Father teach us to live for the sake of others? Investing on and on. To inherit the life of True Father means to inherit Chung Song life. What does this word mean? (One sister answers: "Total investment of heart and energy") So when you invest the heart and energy your desires will be fulfilled. So, the life of True Father is Chung Song life. I know that in the moment He sees you, He will start to invest for you.
In one meeting in New Zealand He started to speak at 9:00 and then He continued until 4:30 in the morning. After half an hour break He went on speaking for one hour and half more. We prepared for Him breakfast, but He did not eat and immediately departed to airport. I said Him: "I am very sorry that you invested so much and did not eat even breakfast." But He answered: "If you live like this you can achieve everything you want."
...You know that True Father met Kim Il Sung. He hosted True Father in Heung Nam. They embraced each other like brothers, like Esau and Jacob. So True Father could meet Kim Il Sung and make victory only through His Chung Song life. He also wants from us to make such a life. So if you do such a life, you will become great people and your nation and your ancestors will gain the Heavenly Fortune.
...Second, you have to inherit the word of True Father. That is why I told you to study the Divine Principle. True Father wrote around 400 volumes. Through them He really wants that we can inherit his word and like this we can save ourselves, our families and our nation.
...Third, to inherit the victory of True Father. He wants you to inherit the victory of Messiah and to give the Blessing. For this He asks us to first have three spiritual children, then 12 and so on. He desires that we can become even more glorious that True Parents. This is the natural desire of the parents for their children. The most important message is that True Father did not call us simple Family Federation members, but He wants us to become the same as Him and to set up the God’s Kingdom of Peace.
...Many times True Father has asked us to mobilize the spirit world. How to do this? Making Chung Song. Chung Song will never loose and it will make possible to set up the Peace Kingdom.
...God is the king of Chung Song, He has never stopped developing His providence. The same we can say for True Father who has planted the seed of Chung Song in all His life.
...If you love this nation, make Chung Song, establishing like this the foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance and then you can receive the Messiah. Your time has not to be misused living a wrong life. Do not plant the seed of a wrong Chung Song!
...Recently, wherever I went I met brothers and sisters who saw in their dreams True Parents visiting their countries. Today I can see that many of Albanian brothers and sisters had dreams that True Parents came to Albania.
These dreams give the hope that soon True Parents can visit your country.
...As I want to conclude my speech let me still mention a recent message of True Father. He said: "Even there are signs that now the spring has come, in the time of Adam and Eve it was spring time, in the time of Israel it was spring and in the time that Eastern countries were governed by communism it was spring as well. Anyway I want to say that now the first Spring came. This is the first Spring in God’s eyes, the spring that He desired." He wanted his children live in such a spring. We are those who met this spring for the first time. I hope that each of us can guide his life with the speed of the spring.
As long as you will do Chung Song life, as long as you will inherit the life, the word and the victory of True Parents, I am sure that everything you will do will bring the heavenly fortune. Let us live like children of God, like the original Adam and Eve and I am sure that we shall be victorious.
Thank you very much!"

It was amazing to hear from the National Leader of Albania Mr. Gani Rroshi one experience that a sister shared with him after the SS sermon. She told him that last night (Saturday) she saw a dream where Pres. Song was speaking in front of a large number of people in Korean language. She didn't know the content but he was repeating one word 'Cheon song'. The dream came true a few hours later when Pres. Song gave his speech.

After SS we took many pictures with Pres. Song. After lunch the workshop participants left the AUTC, while full time members remained. At 4 PM we went for a short trip to a castle near by the AUTC, Petrele hill. We set on the rocks and we sang songs. At the end Pres. Song offered a prayer for God's and TP’s providence as well as for Europe and Albania.

We went back to the Training Centre at about 6:30 PM. After dinner we had a special meeting with Pres. Song, where we had a chance to present our activities as well as ourselves, one after another. Pres. Song said that "You may think that this is a simple meeting, but it is not. Through this meeting you will receive great blessing." The general feeling among members was that the spirit of TP was there and most of us, especially those that had a personal meeting with Pres. Song felt the heart of a father towards members. That meeting lasted until midnight.

Later on Pres. Song called a meeting with the main leaders in his room. Mr. Chang, Mr. Antonio Fernandez, Mr. Gani Rroshi and his wife, Mr. Robert Stefanc and his wife, Mr. Sokol Rexhepi and his wife, Mr. Jan Filipca and two Japanese sisters were present. Pres. Song shared about his desire to invite TP in Albania and he gave practical and internal guidance on how to have better results. He emphasized on the unity among leadership, communication, finance and the upcoming Blessing ceremony.

Direction: Campus WT from now on
Monthly meeting of core leadership, in the meeting should be set up time of the next meeting; about spending of money decide through the meeting
If you have a meeting and there are barriers between you, God cannot be there
"Don’t be a dictator, make members part of the providence."
Make net-working system
Every information should be shared ? Everybody knows everything -- the same spirit
Conclusion: The system of free sharing, everybody feels ownership

Pres. Song gave each of us a personal goal of 12 spiritual children for the end of 2004. We determined to fulfill this responsibility. Altogether the goal for Albania now is 400 full time members.

At 2 AM most of us could go to bed, but Pres. Song continued a meeting with Mr. Chang and Mr. Antonio Fernandez. It was already 29th, the day of Pres. Song’s departure. At 5 AM we stared HDH and Pres. Song again gave us some precious words:

"… Father’s speech from 3rd October: ‘Who creates barriers? God? No! Satan is creating barriers. They start from mind and body barrier, then husband and wife, parents and children barriers…’ In order to live in the Peace Kingdom you should not have any barriers in your heart. If there is a barrier, there is Satan, not God."
"… Father’s philosophy is to marry enemies in order to break barriers. Matching of the second generation should not be as outside people are doing – Father never teaches that. Matching with enemy!"
" Faith = overcoming. If you are not able to overcome barriers, you cannot say that you have faith."

Pres. Song left at 6:20 from the AUTC and some 15 members accompanied him to the airport.

Again at the airport he shared with us while having a coffee. He showed us pictures of his family and asked if he could bring his wife to Albania next time he comes. We were all very happy to hear that. At the last moment he spoke about couple's relationship. "Many people ask where is God? He is here (in man and women). When man and women make love, God is there." He again stressed that most important is to receive the Blessing and have a Heavenly Family. We were so lucky to be there and say goodbye to Pres. Song. He really inspired the members and brought down the Holy Spirit in Albania and most important the True Parents spirit in Albania. We are all inspired to work hard to bring TP to Albania. According to Pres. Song’s guidance we need an invitation by the president or another high official and a membership of at least 3000 people to welcome Father in Albania.

We will do it! Manse!

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